Championing YOU, Your Style, Brand, and Confidence from the Inside-out



The Uniquely Savvy 3 –Step Process

Discovering and expressing your unique personal style is no small matter. Kim has developed a powerful three-step process that starts with your Personal Brand as the foundation for sustainable, savvy styling. Some clients start at the beginning and work through the entire process; others need only specific pieces of the puzzle. No matter where you start, the process creates a virtuous cycle that leads to ever-increasing personal and professional rewards.

Discover, Define & Connect

Seek first to understand

Kim uses her extensive coaching experience to help you connect with and illuminate your personality, passions, style preferences, skills, talents, goals, and values. With these as a foundation, she helps you define your Personal Brand and creates an aligned statement of style.

useEvaluate, Coach & Empower

Get Educated

Coco Chanel said, “Fashion is architecture: it is a matter of proportions.” Once you know how to dress for your coloring and body type, you will have the knowledge to evaluate your current wardrobe and new purchases no matter what the season or latest trends. And Kim doesn’t just do it for you: she teaches you what you need to know so you can apply it & build sustainable style.

Strategize, Shop & Style


Maximize your investment and love the results

Once edits have been made to your wardrobe, Kim creates outfits right from your own closet or shops the stores from discount to designer. Breathe new life into favorite pieces by learning how a few well-chosen accessories can refresh your style, or receive a prioritized shopping plan to fill your gaps.  Either way, we make it easy and take the stress out of shopping.