Personal Style & Branding Keynotes & Workshops

Personal Style & Branding Keynotes


Are you ready to bring the WOW factor to your next event? A member of Association of Image Consultants International (AICI), Kim’s messages and seminars are empowering and informative. Kim not only engages audiences with her dynamic style, she equips them with real knowledge they can impactfully use in their day-to-day lives. Whether she takes the stage in front of corporations, not-for-profits, or private groups, she has the knowledge and experience to deliver a fresh, responsive and tailored experience in real time. Participants of all backgrounds, interests, shapes and sizes will find new ability to step forward into their authentic essence and statement of style on the inside and out -to attract more business, more wins, and more out of life!

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  1. How to Build a Dress for Success Investment Wardrobe
    From business formal, business casual, networking, and beyond, learn the basics needed for building your core professional wardrobe for dressing for success.   This presentation is the right fit for your business or organization if your company values the power of first and ongoing impressions or if you have employees who desire to sharpen and polish their professional image and wardrobe, but just don’t have the know-how or budget.
    Participants will:

    •  Receive tips for best dressing their build
    •  Learn core principles for building an investment wardrobe
    •  Gain awareness around the power of 1st and ongoing impressions
    • Gain a solid understanding of the DOs and DON’Ts of business casual for your corporate culture
    • Learn how to mix and match pieces between business formal and casual to maximize their investment
    • ow to Build and Investment Wardrobe for Dressing for Success
  2. Champion Your Signature Statement of Style & Rock Your Shape
  3. Build & Harness Your Personal Brand for Success, Leadership & Promotion
  4. 7 Personal Brand & Style Tips for Achieving Greater Success with Greater Ease



 Personal Style & Branding Workshops



  1. Champion Your Signature Statement of Style & Rock Your Shape
  2. Champion Your Personal Brand for Accelerated Game-Changing Success
    Learn how to create and uniquely package your authentic & positive personal  brand so that:  What You (S)AY + How You (A)CT + How You (L)OOK + How You (L)IVE positions you to achieve greater success with greater ease!



Personal Style Parties

 15241907_10154255749667903_1773409584100823368_nRevolve Client Appreciation Party

Girlfriend Party, Networking Event, Client Appreciation Party?  We’d love to!
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Ready to elevate your executive presence, personal brand identity or statement of style?
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I had the pleasure of attending Kim's workshop called Build & Harness your Personal Brand for Leadership and Promotion a week ago and have to share how much has shifted in just this short time. I knew of Kim's reputation as a style and image consultant, but I didn't realize how deep we were going to go in this workshop! I learned confidence about my brand doesn't start with what I am wearing or how I am looking, it has to start with an inner confidence about my ability to be a problem solver, a teacher and provide an outstanding, streamlined experience for every customer. I was also surprised to look back and realize that as a child I loved to share my energy, ideas and passion for life. I danced, entertained and spoke my mind. Over time I learned that to "be good" I needed to sit still & be quiet and became known as rather reserved or even timid. Talk about a breakthrough! Just doing the pre-event homework it was a relief to realize I was going to be embracing my natural strengths and personality instead of "compensating" for them. During the workshop, Kim helped us develop our identity compass, or the set of skills and value that position us to provide value to others. We all left with a clear and concise positioning statement and I think going through the process as a group and seeing each other's progress drove home the importance of getting this right! The event itself was both fun and professionally run. Kim went out of her way to make sure I had the workbook in advance so I could spend time on the homework over the weekend. During the workshop she provided lots of tangible examples and engaged the group in helping each other move forward. She is a great facilitator and if you are looking to tap into a confidence about what differentiates your brand, you will get a lot of value from attending one of these workshops. "

Erin Knight, Engineering Radiance

I recently attended Kim's branding and style workshop and have nothing but great things to say about my experience working with this amazing woman! Kim is very knowledgeable and skilled at helping you create your personal brand and style that is authentic to YOU and your values, and not about putting you into a box that is not the "real" you, both personally and professionally. I've had the opportunity to work with Kim privately multiple times in the past couple of months, so some concepts, like how to create your positioning statement [elevator speech] were not new, but a good refresher for me and DEFINITELY of value for anyone who wants a clear, concise and benefit-oriented positioning statement so that others will actually understand and remember who you are and what you have to offer. From this workshop, specifically, I took away the importance of actually writing and reviewing my personal and professional goals regularly (and this time will actually DO it!), and how to turn limiting beliefs around to better champion my own skills, talents and worth so that I may add more value to my clients, community and world at large. Honestly, the homework exercises we were given in preparation for the workshop taught me A LOT about myself, and were essential in showing up for this event. I honed in on my core values, what my strengths, purpose and opportunities (weaknesses) are, both in my own view, and in the eyes of people I know. They were a huge eye-opener! Both the exercises and the topics we explored/discussed during the workshop helped me learn more about myself, who I am and who I want to become, not only as a person, but as a business owner. These six steps Kim taught are simple, straight forward, actionable, and life-changing. And let me tell you, Kim walks her talk, and she lives from her own authentic Self and her own experience. Kim's teaching style is clear, thought-provoking, inspiring, easy to follow and personable. She doesn't believe in "faking it till you make it," and it shows. She knows her stuff! I would highly recommend this workshop to any entrepreneur or person seeking promotion or leadership, whether new or experienced. Kim will help you discover your limiting beliefs (so you can stop subscribing to them), your personal style, your brand and your goals to that you can step into the life that you want, while serving others with even greater value. Thank you Kim!"

Jennifer Soames, In Stride Bodywork

Kim is a fantastic speaker. Her presentation engages a wide variety of different audiences and she relates well to big and small groups. Kim's passion and stage presence makes it a delight to watch. She is thoughtful on content and timing, provides insightful visual aids, and is gracious to include audience participation."

Janna Quirie

I had the pleasure of attending a fall fashion talk that Kim gave last week at Pickering Barn. It was put on by the Issaquah Chamber of Commerce. I was so impressed with Kim and her authentic speaking style. She was not afraid to share her personal story of transformation and how that is reflected in her outward appearance, but also her inward identity. She clearly understands how to direct people in finding their true identity and then being true to that in the way they present themselves. Not to mention, she has a great sense of humor and really incorporates the audience into her speaking. I left there feeling that I am “fearfully and wonderfully made."

Molly Baker