Hopelink: Lending a Hoping Hand for Thanksgiving

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IMG_8370 Team Produce – we thought we were baggin’ veggies, but instead we sorted about 3k pounds of food donations today at Hopelink!…

 Hopelink is a social services nonprofit agency that serves north and east King County, Washington with
food banks, energy assistance, housing, a family development program, transportation and adult education.

IMG_8372  …Always fun to work with Ted, the warehouse manager, whom I first met back at
Habitat for Humanity years ago.

Here, he’s showin’ us the ropes… then turns us loose!



IMG_8377We dispersed according to our talents:

Some were sorters, others were stockers (stocking the shelves, that is!).
Marcelle was Quality Control – because she was “tall and strong”, LOL!


IMG_8399 Others were sorters…

 We stocked according to like items and if something was expired, we didn’t throw it out…
it went to the “Pig” bin!

Nancy and Vance brought their love for all people to the production line,
and Lisa was focused, diligent, “in-the-know” and…illuminating!


IMG_8380 …and then some were resourceful,
doin’ odd jobs to keep things movin’ along :-)!


 IMG_8392Stephanie’s gift of accuracy kept us all on track,
and it’s always a treat to have Bill’s generous hands and fun spirit to round out our team!



IMG_8390The food bank is set up like a grocery store to provide a sense of dignity while guests shop…
Yet, the weekend before Christmas, it turns into a gift shop!


IMG_8381The warehouse is separated in the back where volunteers
can “figure it out” and have a great time doin’ so!


IMG_8378It IS chilly though…so do come bundled up and tailored- to-the-task!


11221463_10153727138313838_946878401906100419_nOur fearless leader…

IMG_8395Fruits of our labor…


IMG_8388 Rock stars…workin’ 20 minutes passed their 3 hour shift even! …What?!!!


IMG_8374If you desire to make donations,  here are some of Hopelink’s greatest needs:

*Diapers – sizes 3-6 are always a great need


* Canned meals (chili, raviolis, etc.)

* Beans







11205582_10153727138168838_3815391394724219218_nIt’s a wrap…Interested in working as Santa’s Helper for the Gift Room?
See if we have a volunteer opp for you!



…I’d say the sense of community and purpose we had today is my “Day 23 Gratitude”, what is yours?

Thank you HOPELINK for all you do, and thanks to each of you who made a difference on Team Produce!

XO, Kim

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