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Incredible Life:  Top Experts Reveal How to Create Yours


 “When my values are clear, my decisions are easy.” – Kim Crumpler

In 2010 Kim was honored to co-author, “Incredible Life: Top Experts Reveal How to Create Yours,” bringing readers on a journey “From Fear to Freedom”. It invites readers to take risks and discover the possibilities of living an incredible life on the other side of fear. The captivating story of her personal journey motivates others to reach from hopelessness to individual freedom, learning to be the best you can be. Kim’s practical tips and tools help individuals bring dreams to life and manage adversity with intention, purpose, and authenticity no matter what the circumstances.

Kim on “From Fear to Freedom”

As a style coach, I have seen how fear keeps people from not only looking their best, but being their best, personally and professionally. I know that truth personally, as well—but I have found the wonder of life on the other side of fear. By sharing my journey from a childhood of adversity and shame to the life of freedom and self-fulfillment I live now, my hope is to inspire you to look at your own story. What fears do you contend with? What limits you from living the incredible life you were intended to live? What would life look like if you knocked down just one of those debilitating roadblocks of fear?

If you can relate, I invite you to dig deep and find your courage to step into exploring your own journey from fear to freedom. Get your freedom checklist, enlist the right travel companions, and commit to change—it’s so worth the investment!

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