Could Have Photo Shopped this Beach Wedding Pic, But Didn’t: Comfortable in My Own Skin

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no photo shop


Speaking of weddings…wondering what to wear to a sweltering beach wedding?

Consider an option like this. Cotton & breezy, the blue blended in with the sky while my purse added a pop of color – perfect for celebrating my friend’s beautiful wedding on Alki.

Only problem?

The picture…or the shock of seeing this excess skin in the picture!!! BUT, I decided to share anyway….No shame, it’s the real me and while I’ve “knowingly” only had 2 personal pictures photo shopped, I want to #celebrate my real body (trust me, my first thoughts were “How can I fix, smudge, remove that?”). The fact is, I purposed to lose weight at the beginning of the year. By mid-March I had lost 15 lbs + over 20 inches by taking action steps to #LiveMyVisionofSuccess in 2015 and I’ve kept it off !  …Now it’s my job to get comfortable in my “new skin”, let me know if you have efficient/targeted toning techniques!

…Feel free to inspire us with a pic of your version of beach wedding attire and/or how you’re living out your vision in 2015, I’d love to celebrate you too!

Headed out for my morning walk, here’s to moving from fear to freedom on #WomensWear Wednesday, XO
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