“To Get What You Want, Stop Doing What Isn’t Working!” – D. Weaver…Wuhoo For Me, You?!

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Wuhoooo for me!!! …Wuhoooo for you or someone you know?!!!  Read on to find out!

Guess who’s headed to get a reddish brownish, golden tan (hopefully!) on the beautiful beaches of Cancun? Me…and my guy! Our Christmas gift is finally upon us… So excited to leave on that jet plane, but it did kinda sneak up on me!

…Wrappin’ things up yesterday, experienced a fantastic session with Cantadora Communications to unpack my passionate message for “Urban Campfire: Girls Edition” ages 12-17.


  • Girls HAVE TO stop comparing themselves to others and embrace a fierce commitment to being their authentic selves…The girls of today grow up to be the women of tomorrow and the messages our daughters, granddaughters, nieces, and friends tell themselves at this impressionable age are critical. These messages will either imprison, in limited thinking and false “truths“ as they walk out life, or they will be courageous fuel for the dreams they dare to dream and put into motion! In Seattle, this event is on January 20th…for $20. Do you know girls 12-17 in this area? FOR THEIR BENEFIT, and those you might know, find out more about what the night of authentic sharing holds for them… (http://tinyurl.com/oz2efya)

…CAN’T WAIT to share a post on a young girl (only 10!) who I got to work with the other day…..She undoubtedly, and likely unknowingly, blazes the trail for young girls (and grown women) in living out what Urban Campfire for Girls night is all about …conquering fear and getting inspired about the future!

…Had a networking meeting with an (already) successful gentleman who said, “We’ll see what the year holds”.  After the privilege to hearing his journey, I had chills because he’s already WINNING the year with great success. Why? Because he’s said “YES” to the unknown and is committed to finding his courage to move through the fear of “change” -for the hope of more balance in his life.

In my experience, when you open your palm a bit, “good” turns to great….and great eventually to “amazing”!….How do you envision 2014? On a beach? With greater personal freedom in work/life balance? Bumpin’ authentic style?….Not sure, check out Uniquely Savvy’s “Living MY Vision of Success” (http://tinyurl.com/ph5sajc ) event and see if together, we might bring vision & focus into how you *will* rock your new year!

#HappyFashionandFreedomFriday, XO

P.S. If you’re in for *Living MY Vision*, reserve your spot right away so I can get you your homework to cull your value based goals for 2014!



from the “Inside-Out”, Kim

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