I Love to Champion Champions: A Resource & Opportunity Too Good To Not Share!

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What you can’t tell?  …Teddy met me here, paused, and we gently moved toward each other after some work we did.  We lingered here…gently.  This was also a very different experience than I had the last time.  That one was more energetic and robust, to kick my booty into
awareness, change, and action!


When an unlocking/life changing opportunity exists, you just want to share it, right?  Let me share with you about Jennifer Malocha and Wuhoo Equine Coaching.

The distilled down bit:  Working with Jennifer and Teddy via equine coaching was powerful, impactful, and definitely was a big part of the means for a (sustainable) mindset-shift.  I experienced a group equine coaching experience and then a 1:1 in October.  The breakthrough I had, who I am, how I now show up …I will never forget.


It altered my beliefs, therefore I show up differently (…research indicates that individuals operate base on their beliefs.  That’s why I challenge our community & clients to ask, “What do I believe about myself, my capabilities, style, this or that agenda, faith, money, self-worth, or ______________).


This week alone, based on others’ desire for that high level breakthrough, I shared about value of the experience at least 3 times.


Why do I share this…again, you might ask?  I love to CHAMPION champions – people who want to step into their potential and don’t quit, when a vision blocker gets in their way.  One step at a time they move forward…They figure it out stylistically, relationally, professionally, or beyond.


From my perspective, equine coaching with Jennifer/Teddy is one such step….a step for (some) champions.  Again, there’s no gain for me – not trying to “sell” anything.


If it’s your time and you want to explore what I’m talkin’ about, you can check out a group experience on the 2nd and 4th Fridays monthly.

Read a blog from Jennifer this morning…for more: http://networkedblogs.com/HhXjI

Happy to share more intimately of my experience if you want to know…just reach out!


from the “Inside-Out”, Kim

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