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Success Stories


Marc Whitten – Corporate Vice President, Xbox Live, Microsoft

Client: Marc Whitten

Profession: Corporate Vice President

Objective(s): Develop an on stage and camera ready visual brand for the 2010 E3 Summit and press release conference

Service(s):Personal Branding, Style, Body & Color Analysis, Shopping
“I really enjoyed working with Kim! Not only did she quickly understand my style and needs, but she also did an incredible amount of legwork. When we met to go over options, she had a great collection pulled from around Seattle so that we could zero in on just what I was looking for quickly. I loved the look where we landed and what a time saver!”

-Marc Whitten

Colin Sawford, Principal, CES Data Consulting Limited

Client: Colin Sawford

Profession: Consultant

Objective(s): Wardrobe overhaul, feedback, training on “how to”

Service(s): Personal Style & Brand Analysis, Style, Body & Color Analysis, Wardrobe Audit, and Shopping

“I come down from Canada a couple of times a year to work with Kim.  I initially found it very daunting and difficult to shop for clothes, but always knew the value of looking and feeling good about one’s appearance.  Kim made this a reality for me.  Her talent and passion for what she does makes the whole process of looking good FUN.  Kim typically pre-shops for me in the morning, and then we meet up in the afternoon where I’m presented with dressing rooms decked out in things to try on that have been picked just for me.  I now get comments on my clothes – something that never used to happen before.”—Colin Sawford

Amanda Hammond – President & Owner of CyberSavvy, a Redmond based software company

Client: Amanda Hammond

Profession: President & Owner of CyberSavvy, a Redmond based software company

Objective(s): To create visual brand alignment with my skills, talents, abilities and role at Cyber Savvy

Service(s): Brand, Body and Color Analysis, Wardrobe Audit & Coordination, Shopping, Photo Journal

Before: Pre-existing Executive Business Casual

After: Business Casual

“I’ve worked with Kim on numerous occasions from a full wardrobe revamp to the search for an outfit for a special occasion. Kim’s unending energy and expertise translated into great fitting clothes, fantastic colors and an enjoyable shopping experience. She has introduced me to new fashion ideas over the years that have helped me round out my personal style. I feel proud of my appearance and confident to go out there and take on the world in my new clothes. I’d wholeheartedly recommend Kim to anyone who wants to walk into their closet and never have to say, “I have nothing to wear!”— Amanda

Debbie Caddell – Licensed Clinical Aesthetician

Client: Debbie Caddell

Profession: Licensed Clinical Aesthetician

Objective(s):To be styled within budget.

Service(s): Brand Analysis, Body, Color & Style Analysis, Wardrobe Audit, Wardrobe Coordination with Accessories, Shopping, Photo Journal

I wanted to tell you what a wonderful experience it was to shop with you, I had so much fun! I was pleasantly surprised by what I got and loved getting fun designer clothes for a small amount of money. Not only are you good at choosing the right clothes for me, but you are so very personable. I was feeling a little self conscious because of my recent weight gain, but you put me at ease right away & were so easy to be with…you have a great personality – I felt like I was shopping with my best friend. Again, thanks for helping me. I can’t thank you enough for your expertise and commitment to your job – I’ve gotten tons of compliments on “your” clothes!—Debbie Caddel

Dr. Melody Ivory – Trainer, Coach, Artist and Founder, Melody Ivory Inc.

Client: Dr. Melody Ivory

Profession: Trainer, Coach, Artist and Founder, Melody Ivory Inc.

Objective(s):Define a Business Style from Existing Wardrobe That Says “I’m Ready for the World’s Stage” and Saves Me Time Getting Dressed

Service(s): Body, Color and Style Analysis, Wardrobe Audit, Wardrobe Coordination with Accessories, Photo Journal

“For the past 10 years, I’ve been searching for the perfect stylist to help me take my style to the next level. I’ve always received compliments, so I was looking for someone really special. After observing and talking with Kim Crumpler of Uniquely Savvy, I knew the wait was over! Not only was her style impeccable, she also demonstrated an exceptional level of professionalism and business savvy that immediately earned my trust.In one day, I spent seven unbelievable hours with Kim. Bursting with energy and enthusiasm, she helped me to define my unique style, determine ideal colors, and purged over a third of my wardrobe. (The last part alone left me breathless.) Nonetheless, she assembled about 30 outfits, complete with shoes, jewelry, and other accessories, from a tiny fraction of the remaining clothes. I love what Kim has done to my style! In a million years, I never would have been able to come up with the unique look that she created.Not only do I look better, feel better, and have an elevated professionalism, I understand that my work with Kim was about more than just clothes. I know that in the process of throwing out the old, Kim helped me to make room for the new and to raise my vibration to match the new possibility that she saw for me. Working with Kim is a process of spiritual, physical, mental, and emotional release, healing, and renewal.Words cannot begin to express how grateful I am for Kim Crumpler. She is more than just a stylist, she is a miracle worker. I’m so glad that I waited for someone who could pour everything into shaping me and my wardrobe in ways that far exceed my expectations. I highly recommend Kim Crumpler and Uniquely Savvy to anyone who wants to use style as a special ingredient to even greater success.”
— Melody

Jeff Clark – Marketing Executive, Boeing

Client: Jeff Clark

Profession: Marketing Executive, Boeing

Objective(s):Define a Business Style from Existing Wardrobe That Says “I’m Ready for the World’s Stage” and Saves Me Time Getting Dressed

Service(s): Body, Color and Style Analysis, Wardrobe Audit, Wardrobe Coordination with Accessories, Photo Journal

Before: Pre-existing weekend social attire

After: Updated weekend social attire

“Have to admit to being a bit clueless, before getting ‘schooled’ in a very fun, quick and easy way with Kim working her magic. No more ordinary clothes selection! Best to work with someone at the top of her game, and Kim defintely is there!”—Jeff


Megan McDonald – PR/Communications

Client: Megan McDonald

Profession: PR/Communications

Objective(s):To build a flattering, functional wardrobe that expresses my style aesthetic.

Service(s): Color GPS & Virtual Style Appointment

“My virtual coaching session with Kim was educational, illuminating, and fun. First, she assessed my body shape and gave me pointers about the best silhouettes, lengths and proportions. We then looked at several photos of my current pieces and Kim provided excellent critiques and guides for editing my wardrobe and making new purchases. She also offered some easy, practical tips for making my existing clothes more flattering using jewelry and accessories.
I particularly liked that Kim really listened to what I needed in my closet and the style that I was trying to achieve, and built her suggestions and advice around helping me reach those goals.
It was an excellent investment, and I expect I will be calling on Kim again in the future for more virtual coaching.”

– Megan

Susan Mueller – Office Manager

Client: Susan Mueller

Profession: Office Manager

Objective(s):Figure out My Style and Brand, and Make a Plan of Action to Achieve it

Service(s): Style Training Camp, Shopping Excursion, Photo Journal

“Before meeting Kim, I was skeptical that she could deliver the results I so desperately wanted. At our first appointment, however; all that quickly disappeared. Her excitement and positive demeanor were contagious. She was an extremely good listener and genuinely caring as she brought together a plan which ended in a very successful result.

I was amazed at the range of possibilities that she helped me with which linked the physical and emotional to bring out a new confidence. I was thrilled with the results and then the comments I received from my friends that came from wearing my new outfits. And even though I understand more how to dress for my shape and the key elements that are important to achieve it, I would never think of doing my next shopping excursion without Kim, because she is just so very much fun to be around. A task that could have been depressing and arduous turned out to be truly special and fun experience.”

– Susan

Lesley Hobbs – Business Owner

Client: Lesley Hobbs

Profession: Owner & Founder of Four Blooms.

Objective(s):Figure out My Style and Brand, and Make a Plan of Action to Achieve it

Service(s): 1 Hour of Style Coaching Highlighting Personal Branding, Color, Cut and Closet Evaluation

I have never been known as a sharp dresser, in fact, I could happily spend my days (and nights) in my yoga teaching gear. That approach does not work so well when you are trying to build a successful business and need to meet other entrepreneurs, the bank manager etc… I knew I needed help and when I met Kim, I knew she was the right stylist for me. Her passion and sheer joy for what she does resonated deeply with me and I decided to book an hour of her time. She assured me I would learn enough in that short amount of time to help me feel more confident in my clothing choices.

Before she came to my home, I sorted through my closet and on her advice took out those pieces that I did not like. (Because I had spent “good” money on them I felt compelled to keep them and even try to wear them occasionally) I separated out shirts, slacks, skirts, shoes so it was easy for Kim to see what I had, and what I was missing.

In just 1 hour, she gave me an assessment of my shape, pointing out the necklines, cuts, hemlines that best suited my figure. She did a quick color analysis which was worth its weight in gold and I have used every time I shop. In addition she helped me create over 30 new looks just from what I had in my closet, including how to accessorize and dress up or down several elements. I took some photos so I could remember the outfits and am still putting together some of her ideas months later.

I used to hate shopping and while it is still not my favorite past-time, now when I do look for clothes I know what to search for and how to choose things for my shape and coloring. Kim has completely transformed the way I dress and I love that she was able to offer so much in such a short period of time. I would highly recommend her services to every person who wants to feel confident and self assured in the way they dress.

Thank you Kim.

—Lesley Hobbs


Profession: Retiree and Philanthropist

Objective(s): Stop over-shopping, shop my closet and look like a “10!”

Service(s): Personal Brand, Style & Body Analysis, Custom Color Compass, Wardrobe Audit and Shopping

What a difference I have experienced since I began working with Kim on my image and wardrobe. After working with her on defining my unique, one-of- a- kind personal style and doing a color consultation, I am now armed with the tools I need to always look like a “10” when I walk out the door.
In the past, I “over-shopped”, bought too much, and was never quite satisfied with how I looked. I experienced the chronic feeling of “I don’t have anything to wear”. Now, because of my work with Kim, those days are gone. She gave me the tools I was lacking to make the right selections for my personal style, and I actually have outfits hanging in my closet that I love to wear. When I go shopping now, I know instantly what is going to work for me and what isn’t. Also, working with Kim on “shopping my closet” has helped me clean out those pieces that aren’t working and complete those that are.
I am so happy that I starting working with Kim. My only regret is that I didn’t get started sooner. I know I would have saved thousands of dollars. I am buying less and loving my wardrobe more! Kim is not about “shopping”. She is all about “image making”, helping empower women to put their strongest image out there every day.

– PC

Leslie Irish Evans – Massage therapist and Owner of “Calm by Leslie”. Speaker, Author, “Peeling Mom Off the Ceiling”.

Client: Leslie Irish Evans

Profession: Massage therapist and Owner of “Calm by Leslie”. Speaker, Author, “Peeling Mom Off the Ceiling”.

Objective(s): Define My Personal & Professional Brand, Build a Fun & Fashionable Professional Wardrobe, Maximize Wardrobe Investment & Dress My Shape

Service(s): Style Boot Camp Package: Brand Analysis, Body, Color & Style Analysis, Wardrobe Audit, Wardrobe Coordination with Accessories

Oh my goodness, was Kim ever helpful! I had recently entered the professional world, and needed to look the part. Kim and Sarah were fun, friendly, and efficient! In 3 hours they helped me define my style, learn to dress my shape, showed me what colors looked best on me, and showed me what pieces I already had in my closet already fit the plan! They taught me so well I was able to go out immediately and shop for some beautiful, flattering items all on my own. A terrific investment and one I should have done years ago. Do it!

—Leslie Evans

Elise Touchette – Martha Beck Trained Life Coach

Client: Elise Touchette

Profession: Martha Beck Trained Life Coach

Objective(s): To Look Put Together & Professional, Confident and Approachable

Service(s): Brand Analysis, Body, Color, & Style Analysis, Wardrobe Audit, Wardrobe Coordination with Accessories, & Shopping.

My experience with Kim started when I was in the real estate profession after many years at a local software company…My uniform in my old career was mostly jeans, t-shirts and comfortable shoes. (As a realtor) I realized that I needed to be able to communicate a lot about myself in a short period of time & sensed on some level that I was not doing this very well with my appearance.

…Kim has an amazing eye for what suits someone’s body and is honest, yet caring in how she communicates this information. But more than just telling you what you should wear, I appreciated the time she took to understand me and the image I wanted to present to my clients. She respected my comfort zones for style while still trying to get me to expand them a little. And I specially appreciated the way she educated me along the way so that I would be empowered to make great choices and purchases moving forward.

In getting to know Kim you will get to know someone with great passion for her work, sincere care for her clients and integrity for all that she does. I am now building a life coaching business and while I feel like there is a lot of uncertainty and unknowns around me, one thing I do not have to worry about is how I am presenting myself in this new career. I walk out the door and into client and industry meetings with my head held high and confident with the image I am presenting”.

—Elise Touchette

Christine Robins – President & CEO, Philips Oral Healthcare, VP of Philips Electronics

Client: Christine Robins

Profession: President & CEO, Philips Oral Healthcare, VP of Philips Electronics

Objective(s): I want to make getting dressed, shopping, & looking put together simple and do-able in within a very busy schedule.

Service(s): Brand Analysis, Body, Color, & Style Analysis, Wardrobe Audit, Wardrobe Coordination with Accessories, Shopping & Photo Journaling


I am pleased to share with you my recommendation for the work you do and the impact you have had on my life!

Over the past 2 years since I started working with you I have simplified my life, saved money and I feel great inside and out. Let me explain…as the CEO of a global company plus two small children, chaos and multi-tasking is a must. Through the closet analysis we did both for the spring/summer and then the fall/winter seasons I found great outfits, complete with shoes and accessories and assembled them in a photo book. Dressing is never, ever a doubt and takes me a few minutes. Also with the travel I do packing for 1-2 weeks takes less than 10 minutes. I even pack the photos to take along!

Saving money is one my husband appreciates even more I think. Your guidance on what shapes, colors and details are right for me and which to avoid have helped me focus and only buy what I know will be a great addition to my wardrobe. The sales clerks are so misleading! In addition, your analysis in my closet and help in putting things together really helped me see outfits and possibilities I did not realize I had.

Last is how I feel. My confidence around feeling good about myself and knowing that I am wearing things that are not only comfortable but more flattering has grown over the past two years as well. I know for someone in my position clothes shouldn’t make a difference and I certainly didn’t think it would, but it gives just that extra ounce of confidence woman need.

I have recommended your services to colleagues as well – the best form of recommendation!

—Christine Robins

Matt Deasy – GM, Windermere Real Estate

Client: Matt Deasy

Profession: GM, Windermere Real Estate

Objective(s): Update professional wardrobe while saving time & money

Service(s): Brand Analysis, Body, Color, & Style Analysis, Wardrobe Audit, Wardrobe Coordination with Accessories, Shopping & Photo Journaling


Wanted to thank you for helping me update my professional wardrobe. You saved me time shopping (which I would not do) and it was as efficient as possible. You also provided better results for less money. The cost of changing out my wardrobe including your fee was less than I would have spent if I had to do it myself. Plus I did not buy anything that I later discovered did not work or I did not like…..I now hear, “that looks good on you” or “that color is great on you.”


V.H. – Software Tester, Microsoft

Client: V.H.

Profession: Software Tester, Microsoft

Objective(s): Recommendations on what shape, size, type of clothes would look best on me, advice on what part of my wardrobe is good, what should be donated and some simple color advice

Service(s): Brand, Body and Color Analysis, Wardrobe Audit, Shopping List


Working at Microsoft where the environment is casual, doesn’t mean I have to always wear a simple t-shirt and jeans. What I was hoping to get from you were some color and specific style recommendations that would get me out of my rut so I could confidently shop on my own.

After our consultation, I went out shopping and got all kinds of stuff. I hit Barneys, J. Crew, Nordstrom, Nordstrom Rack and Banana Republic, and found a lot of great things that made a lot more sense to me after our talk. It made a huge difference to know what colors I should be looking for; I was much more confident that I would end up with something that would look good on me and that I’d like wearing… usually when I went shopping before, I’d just come home without buying anything, or buying things I would later decide I didn’t like for some reason. There is NO WAY I would have bought all of that stuff a month ago, even though I really needed new clothes. I’m really happy with the stuff I got, and I’m trying to resist the urge to go out again this weekend!

Thanks again for your help. I’ll be happy to pass your name along to anyone who seems interested in how my fashion IQ suddenly went from 45 to 120…

— Cheers, V.H.

Jessica Rubie – Personal Assistant

Client: Jessica Rubie

Profession: Personal Assistant

Objective(s): Better define my brand/style to shop more strategically, learn best practices for my shape and color, evaluate my wardrobe

Service(s): Brand and Body analysis w/ Style GPS, Wardrobe Audit & Coordination

My custom body and style analysis with Kim was such a gift! I left my appointment feeling special, beautiful, and totally empowered to look my best everyday. Kim’s attention to detail goes beyond the clothes and measurements. Her business truly is about being your best self – in every sense. I can’t wait to work with her again!

— Jessica

Tina Brown – Realtor, John L. Scott

Client: Tina Brown

Profession: Realtor, John L. Scott

Objective(s): Shop Key Missing Pieces to Coordinate With Existing Wardrobe to Create Pulled Together and Easy to Wear “Outfits”

Service(s): Wardrobe Audit, Personal Shopping, Wardrobe Coordination with Accessories

What a wonderful experience you gave me. There was never a doubt that you had the ability and talent to provide great service, but what you gave me was so much more than that. I felt taken care of, listened to, special and, blown away by your God given gift for style and execution.

I was surprised and delighted to enter the dressing room to find far more that I had anticipated. For me, it was a little difficult to justify the cost of wardrobe consulting. But, I can now say without reservation, it is money well spent. My dollar was actually stretched by the mix-match coordination of all the different garments. The whole experience was fun & easy. Kim you are a PRO!….Your fee is worth every penny!

— Your client and friend, Tina

Will Flanigan – Mortgage Banker, Liberty Financial Group

Client: Will Flanigan

Profession: Mortgage Banker, Liberty Financial Group

Objective(s): Style and Color Education

Service(s): Body & Style Analysis, Custom Color Analysis, Shopping Excursion

In an industry where what you look like can determine if you will work with a client based on first impressions, Kim’s service has been very beneficial to me professionally and personally. Kim helped me navigate thru the sea of colors and showed me an array of colors that are best for me based on my personal coloring. In addition, the style education I received helped me select styles that better compliment my physique. Thanks Kim.

— Will


Yvonne Hall – Yvonne Hall, CFO® CIMA /First Vice President, Investments, Wachovia Securities, LLC

Client: Yvonne Hall

Profession: Yvonne Hall, CFO® CIMA /First Vice President, Investments, Wachovia Securities, LLC

Objective(s): Save Time & Money, Build a Fun & Fashionable Professional Wardrobe, Maximize Wardrobe Investment

Service(s): Body & Style Analysis, Wardrobe Audit, Wardrobe Design, Personal Shopping, Wardrobe & Accessory Coordination, Photo Journal

Kim is Awesome! I have benefited from her fashion expertise for several years, primarily to both save time and money AND end up with a very cool, fun, fashionable wardrobe. Recently I added Kim’s photo journal service to my arsenal. I don’t know about everyone else; but I get into a rut and wear the same combinations of pieces and accessories time after time. Kim’s creative eye turned 12 or 15 of my “usual” combinations into over 90 different outfits! It’s fabulous. Because I have it on CD ROM, I can set up the slide show and never have to wonder about “what should I wear?” again! Thank you Kim.

— Yvonne

Sue Ahrens – Mortgage Banker, First Horizon Home Loans

Client: Sue Ahrens

Profession: Mortgage Banker, First Horizon Home Loans

Objective(s): Update Look, Personal Style and Color Education

Service(s): Body, Style Analysis, Wardrobe Audit, Wardrobe Coordination with Accessories

Kim, I’m SO excited about my new look I can hardly stand myself! The compliments are streaming and the confidence boost is amazing – it enables me to produce more to generate more income to buy more clothes! What a carrot!

— Sue

Zoe-Ann Bartlett – Small Business Owner

Client: Zoe-Ann Bartlett

Profession: Small Business Owner

Objective(s): Create a complete ‘mini’ Summer Wardrobe

Service(s): Wardrobe Audit, Wardrobe Plan, Shopping List, Personal Shopping, Private Fitting

For the first time in many years, I feel like I have an updated wardrobe which functions and looks like I hoped it would! I needed fewer pieces, which all worked together and outfits which would go from casual during the day to a more sophisticated look during the evening. I also wanted to look updated and fresh and you pulled it off brilliantly with accessories. It’s been several weeks since the purchases were made and I feel like I have the ‘right’ thing to wear for every occasion. More importantly, it’s effortless. Kim, I can’t tell you how good it feels to have confidence in my appearance everyday and to receive compliments from complete strangers. Thank you for listening and meeting my wardrobe needs for summer…I can’t wait until we do it again for fall!

— Zoe

Julien Recoussine – President, Cormorant Consulting Group, Inc.

Client: Julien Recoussine

Profession: President, Cormorant Consulting Group, Inc.

Objective(s): Business Makeover

Service(s): Color, Body and Style Analysis, Wardrobe Audit, Wardrobe Design, Personal Shopping, Photo Journal

I went to see Kim Crumpler with very specific objectives, maximizing the versatility of my wardrobe, and communicating the right message to my clients. Her results-oriented style, fun attitude and business savvy got me right where I wanted to be. Not only were the results well worth it, but Kim made the process fun and enjoyable.

— Julien Recoussine

Michael Moe – IT

Client: Michael Moe

Profession: IT

Objective(s): Business and Social Wardrobe Makeover

Service(s): Color, Body, Style Analysis, Wardrobe Audit, Personal Shopping, Wardrobe Coordination

I had been looking for a change but I didn’t know how to go about it. Every time I tried I ended up with some new clothes of the same old look. Kim came in and worked with me on my best colors and style to match my body and together we came up with a couple of new looks. One look was for work and was practical, taking into account wash and wear fabrics. The other look was for play with flashier colors and fabrics. The time saving and ease of working with Kim made this experience simple and complete at an excellent cost benefit balance. Thanks Kim!

— Michael Moe

Ravital Artman – Manager, Microsoft

Client: Ravital Artman

Profession: Manager, Microsoft

Objective(s): Create a Professional & Approachable – yet Funky Business Casual Look for Work

Service(s): Color, Body, Style Analysis, Wardrobe Audit, Personal Shopping, Wardrobe Coordination

I was excited to meet, learn and shop with Kim. A personal shopper, a style consultant who is ‘Uniquely Savvy’ and outside my everyday experience. I hesitated and I’m so so so happy that I went ahead with this ‘effort’.

Ever since I was a little girl, I had an opinion on how I should dress, what I should project (I’m sure that I didn’t know the word project back then), how my mom, dad, and siblings should dress, especially when we were seen together. So I had an opinion….Yes, a single opinion. I didn’t know how to renew it and I suspect it got stale. I needed to learn – I needed tools. I always had a good gut feeling of what goes well with what but never a good, fool proof system. I wanted to project something, I wanted to project me…and I had successes and failures (this time in plural…

Enter Kim… Whoever said that listening is the most important part in any conversation was ‘right on’! Kim listened with her ears, with her eyes and with her experience. I told her in words and I’m sure also with hints, that only an astute listener hears that I wanted to be fresh, challenging, be professional and fun. I wanted to know what to do when the fashion changed. I thought that I may be looking for an adjustable range of shirts, skirts, pants, shoes, accessories and makeup… Probably something that is impossible!

I was sure that I was setting myself up for yet another clothes disappointment…

Kim delivered! She was able to point out my strengths (and one or two weaknesses) in a way that was not judgmental but challenging, informative and useful.

“If you do this, this and this – you will look tall and if you do that you will look like a manager. And here is what you do to combine two boring items into an exciting combination.” With every advice came the explanation so it’s not just the boots from Portland with the skirt from DKNY but now I can shop, apply these concepts to styles that Kim or I haven’t seen and come out a winner.

In short this service is recommended, it’s profound and Kim is congenial and true!

Don’t wait….don’t delay!!!

I look good. I feel good. I can’t wait to go to work, I can’t wait to go visit, I can’t wait to go out and look good!

Thank You KIM!!!

— Ravital

Margo Mansfield – Realtor, Coldwell Banker Bain

Client: Margo Mansfield

Profession: Realtor, Coldwell Banker Bain

Objective(s): Marketing & Business Makeover

Service(s): Color, Body and Style Analysis, Wardrobe Audit, Wardrobe Design, Personal Shopping, Wardrobe Coordination with Accessories, Wardrobe Chart, Ongoing Services

Kim put together an outfit for my business marketing picture that is professional yet distinctive and memorable-exactly what I had asked her for. In addition, I love using Uniquely Savvy for ongoing wardrobe planning.

— Margo Mansfield

Mike Mansfield – Partner, Moss Adams, LLC

Client: Mike Mansfield

Profession: Partner, Moss Adams, LLC

Objective(s): Business Casual Makeover

Service(s): Color, Style and Body Analysis, Wardrobe Audit, Wardrobe Design, Personal Shopping, Wardrobe Chart, Ongoing Services

When my wife bought me a consultation with Kim to plan my business casual wardrobe, I was skeptical. However, after people actually started complementing me on my clothing I became a believer.

— Mike Mansfield

Sheila Braden – Legal Assistant, Law Offices of Ted Billbe

Client: Sheila Braden

Profession: Legal Assistant, Law Offices of Ted Billbe

Objective(s): Business & Social Wardrobe Makeover

Service(s): Color, Body and Style Analysis, Wardrobe Audit, Wardrobe Design, Personal Shopping, Shopping Excursion

After my initial consultation, I really benefited from the one-on- one shopping excursion. Kim taught me how to shop efficiently and avoid making purchases I would either never wear or would have to take back. Being educated on the spot helped me tremendously and has given me the confidence to shop on my own. Understanding my body type and my best colors has been key in my decision making now. Knowing what to look for is key to successful dressing, whether it’s for business or pleasure. I am enjoying my new wardrobe, have never received so many compliments on my wardrobe before and actually look forward to getting dressed each day!

— Sheila Braden

Mary Portlock – Realtor, John L. Scott

Client: Mary Portlock

Profession: Realtor, John L. Scott

Objective(s): Business and Social Wardrobe Makeover

Service(s): Color, Style and Body Analysis, Wardrobe Audit, Wardrobe Design, Personal Shopping, Wardrobe Coordination with Accessories, Photo Journal, Ongoing Services


My life is forever better because of you and your most incredible services, you are the best! I love how you help me look fantastic and feel great. I am so pleased with everything and I thank you for giving me your so valued expertise.

— Mary Portlock


Sarah Hasselbeck – Stay-at-home Mom of three small children

Client: Sarah Hasselbeck

Profession: Stay-at-home Mom of three small children

Objective(s): Special Occasion & Travel Wardrobe – Super Bowl XL and Pro Bowl 2006

Service(s): Color, Body and Style Analysis, Wardrobe Audit, Wardrobe Design, Personal Shopping, Wardrobe Coordination with Accessories, Special Event Shopping & Travel Coordination

Dear Kim,

We just got back from the Pro Bowl in Hawaii – it has been a whirlwind 2 weeks!! First of all, I felt so great with all my uniquely savvy outfits!!! I can not begin to thank you enough!! I invited you over and employed your services when I knew we were headed to the Super Bowl and Pro Bowl this year – I gave you a list of 6 or 7 daytime and evening events that I would be attending and I told you my overall desire was to step up my look . . and Kim you absolutely accomplished these goals for me!! The time we spent in my closet was so eye opening to start off with. I was missing so many of the basics to tie the clothes that I already did have into complete outfits. Also, I did not realize how different I could look by taking the time to select clothes based on my body type and coloring – all the way down to my bra!!!

I know I gave you a tight deadline and minimal time to actually work directly with me once you had pulled all the clothes – and I appreciate how understanding and accommodating you were with me. I rarely shop alone – I usually have my three children with me – which gives me such a short amount of time to actually (thoughtfully) look through clothing racks. I think that is why your preparation and presentation blew me away. I really appreciated how many options you gave me and that they were complete outfits including the shoes, belt, jewelry, purse – those are exactly the important finishing items that I am usually missing.

I also have to mention that many of the different tops and bottoms that you chose for me – I would have NEVER selected for myself. And I think that is where you have been invaluable to me – I have completely changed the way I dress myself now. I have definitely broadened the type of styles that I normally wear- and feel great about that!!!! That double-stick fashion tape (Hollywood Fashion Tape) you put me onto has completely changed the type of tops that I would even try to wear.

Your work for me this winter has carried me through the entire spring with so many different events – from formal all the way down to date night with my husband. It really has taken the “need an outfit” issue off my plate.

It seems silly to say – but I definitely walk with an added confidence knowing that there are things in my closet that I could throw on right now – that I can create complete outfits from and get excited about wearing!!! Thanks again Kim!!!


Sabrina Gottlieb – Real Estate Agent Assistant, Gottlieb Properties, Inc

Client: Sabrina Gottlieb

Profession: Real Estate Agent Assistant, Gottlieb Properties, Inc

Objective(s): To Own Things “I love to wear”, to Look Put Together (even at home), and to Reflect My Individuality, Mood & Self Care

Service(s): Color, Body and Style Analysis, Wardrobe Audit, Wardrobe & Accessory Coordination, Shopping List of Key Missing Pieces

Dear Kim,

I wanted to let you know how wonderful it was to work with you. I really appreciate the way you “got me” so well in such a short time. Since we met, I’ve already gone shopping and was able to put your advice into practice – what a difference it makes to KNOW what to buy and what NOT to buy! You will save me so much money, and investing in your services was worth every single penny. More importantly, I feel better about what I’m wearing and know that I look and portray the way I want.

The funny thing is, every time I wear an outfit you put together for me, I get a ton of compliments. That was the case at The Parlor, and also last night at our housewarming. At first I thought my usual “this is too dressy to wear here, blah blah blah.” But then I wore it and felt wonderful and people couldn’t stop commenting on how great I looked and how unique my outfit was!

Thank you for being part of my journey of taking care of myself, it was such an amazing experience. Many, many thanks!!!

— Sabrina

J.L. Lee – Shop Superintendent

Client: J.L. Lee

Profession: Shop Superintendent

Objective(s): Social Wardrobe Makeover

Service(s): Color, Body, Style Analysis, Wardrobe Audit, Wardrobe Design, Personal Shopping, Wardrobe Coordination with Accessories, Shopping Excursion Event for Girlfriends, Gift Certificates for Friends, Ongoing Services

Thanks for the amazing gift that you have and for helping (my friend)!! She is such a special person and you have a great ability to bring the beauty that is inside each of us to the outside. That includes the help you’ve given me and how you present yourself as well!!!

I really appreciate the patience that you have shown me as I’ve started developing my own personal style. Before we began working together, I was stuck in another decade! After an extensive closet purging and careful consideration, you helped me cautiously enter today’s current fashions.

Having my wardrobe needs handled by Uniquely Savvy is a huge relief! It’s so wonderful to know that all my clothes are the best colors for me and that the styles are appropriately trendy and compliment my body shape. I spend less time worrying about how I look; meaning that deciding what to wear has gone from a task I used to dread, to something I enjoy doing!

Just like I enjoy working with you. Your energy level is incredible. Your eye for detail and the individual attention that you give each of your clients make you a joy to work with. And you are a sweetheart to boot! I think of you every time someone compliments an outfit I’m wearing.

One end result I was not expecting has turned out to be the most important one; increased confidence. Successfully changing how I present myself has given me the confidence to make positive changes in other areas of my life. Thanks again for changing lives – mine and my friends!

— J.L. Lee

Heidi Johnston – Full Time Mom

Client: Heidi Johnston

Profession: Full Time Mom

Objective(s): Learn How to Best Dress Shape, Create a Style that is more Trendy & Fun, Clear the Clutter

Service(s): Body & Style Analysis, Wardrobe Audit, Wardrobe Design & Accessory Coordination, Personal Shopping

Hello Miss Gorgeous,

I just had to drop a note to let you know how much I love my new clothes and LOOK!! I was at a party this evening and EVERYONE raved about how fabulous I looked. I know that going to Hot Yoga 5 times a week has something to do with it — but I am convinced that my clothing makes a HUGE statement. I love, love, love my new look. I no longer stand in front of my closet and say “I have nothing to wear.” Instead I say what can I mix and match today!! 🙂 It is so fun!! I feel great when I get dressed and I owe that all to you. I feel more confident. Feeling better about the way I dress motivates me in what I eat and with my workouts too. You are worth every red cent I’ve spent on you….The cost of all of the clothes I have in the give away pile in my garage more than paid for your fees…and you are darn good too!

— Heidi

Derek Smith – Attorney

Client: Derek Smith

Profession: Attorney

Service(s): Gift Certificate for Wife, Celesta

She loved it, thanks so much! She says it was the best day of her life, which makes me a bit jealous since we had a wedding day and all but whatever! All her friends are super jealous as well. I hope that Celesta can send some business your way too. Thank you again!

— Derek

Celesta Smith – Accountant

Client: Celesta Smith

Profession: Accountant

Objective(s): Business & Snappy Casual Makeover

Service(s): Color, Body and Style Analysis, Mini Wardrobe Audit, Wardrobe Design, Personal Shopping, Wardrobe Coordination


I can’t believe how wonderful I feel in my new look. I can tell I’m more confident and more comfortable. You have an amazing talent and I feel so lucky to have experienced such a fabulous day with you.

Currently I’m working on loosing some weight and am motivating myself with the reward of more shopping with you hopefully sooner than later. But even in my current weight I can’t believe how easy it has become for me to make excellent selections that make me feel 1) thinner and 2) more confident.

I hope all is well with you and look forward to seeing you some time in the near future for another fabulous day of fun shopping. Cheers!

— Celesta

Anna Adams – Nanny

Client: Anna Adams

Profession: Nanny

Objective(s): Personal Education/Snappy Casual Wardrobe Makeover

Service(s): Color and Style Analysis, Shopping, Accessory and Wardrobe Coordination with Accessories


I don’t want this to sound cheesy but I want you to know how much you really have affected our lives (especially Karen, Jodie and myself). As you know one of my friends glows now—she really has come in to her own and I believe that has a lot to do with your help. She is so much more confident and has so much more presence. It is amazing! We all have “Kim outfits.”

Then there are Kim inspired outfits. I hate the days that I decide to leave the rules behind—I just don’t feel the same! Anyway I just wanted to thank you for the insight you have given us!!!!

— Anna

Amanda Wood – Air Force Recruiter

Client: Amanda Wood

Profession: Air Force Recruiter

Objective(s): Snappy (and Sexy!) Social Wardrobe Makeover

Service(s): Color, Body and Style Analysis, Wardrobe Audit, Wardrobe Design, Personal Shopping, Wardrobe Coordination with Accessories, Ongoing Services

Serving as an active duty Air Force recruiter, most would assume that clothing decisions would be easy. However much I love my uniform, on my time off I want to dress in a way that accentuates my individual personality. Kim listened to my desires, analyzed my colors, and asked educated questions from which she created a night and weekend wardrobe that I can mix and match as needed. Now when I walk into my closet I have a multitude of colors, picked just for me, to create a fun, sexy, and feminine look. Kim’s creativity and insight combined with her personalized service makes my decisions of what to wear in my off time a pleasure. Thank you so much!

— Amanda

Johna Lindell – Nurse

Client: Johna Lindell

Profession: Nurse

Objective(s): Honeymoon Wardrobe

Service(s): Color, Body and Style Analysis, Honeymoon Wardrobe Design, Personal Shopping, Wardrobe coordination with Accessories

I Met Kim at a Seahawk ladies function when she held a presentation on the Top 10 Must Haves for Fall Fashion. I hired Uniquely Savvy to create a fun honeymoon wardrobe that would also transition right into spring. I was overwhelmed by Kim’s success and ended up buying almost everything! Kim taught me how to mix and match outfits that will keep me looking my best for 2 weeks in Hawaii. I am very happy with the outcome and definitely recommend Kim’s expertise to others.

— Johna

Demetra Thomas – Nurse

Client: Demetra Thomas

Profession: Nurse

Objective(s): Clearing the Clutter

Service(s): Closet Clean, Color Analysis, Wardrobe Coordination

Kim and I met at a Minnesota Viking Women’s Bible Study. Soon after, we became friends. When she told me about Uniquely Savvy I was very happy for her, although I thought, “Me, Queen of Fashion needing help with my wardrobe, not!” Kim came down for a visit and we cleaned out my closet, which took six hours. “It was a mess”! I was so impressed with Kim’s hard work and professionalism. She made me tired just looking at her. Not only did she clean both closets top to bottom, she made me aware of the colors that worked for me and how to mix and match my existing pieces. Most of all, I learned how to better spend my money when I shop through the information Kim shared. So Kim, “I thought I knew it all”, but girl you know your stuff!

— Demetra Thomas


Rachael Mitchell – Full-time mom, owner and designer of Happy Hollis Design

Client: Rachael Mitchell

Profession: Full-time mom, owner and designer of Happy Hollis Design

Objective(s): I want to look more pulled together, but I need it to be easy & kid-proof.

Service(s): Brand Analysis, Body, Color, & Style Analysis, Wardrobe Audit, Wardrobe Coordination with Accessories, & Shopping

I needed Kim and Sarah’s help with my wardrobe. I have never felt like I knew what my style was or what I liked. I found myself purchasing clothes that either other people had that I liked or similar clothes to what I already owned. I really needed someone to help me see what I loved and turn it into my own style. Kim and Sarah did just that, plus more, for me. After they helped me define my signature style (which was so fun and exciting!), we focused on my body and my current wardrobe. It was very eye opening to see why certain items did or didn’t work for my body and what to look for when I shop. I truly benefited from Kim and Sarah’s expertise, and definitely will use them again.
— Rachael Mitchell

Caryn Ruud – Full time & busy Mom

Client: Caryn Ruud

Profession: Full time & busy Mom

Objective(s): I want to be a stylish, comfortable, & chic Mom

Service(s): Style & Shop Package: Brand Analysis, Body, Color, & Style Analysis, Wardrobe Audit, Wardrobe Coordination with Accessories, & Shopping

As a busy, disorganized and tired (but happy!) mom, I knew that my outward appearance was sadly lacking. I lived in what I called my “Mom clothes”: drab sweatshirts, frumpy jeans and baggy sweats. I was discouraged with my appearance but didn’t know what to do about it. Who has hours to spend perusing fashion magazines and shopping for beautiful, stylish clothes when you have small children who need your attention all day – and a lot of the night, too? And I wasn’t sure how to best dress my new, post-pregnancy shape.

On my all-too-infrequent trips to the mall I would grab something – anything – that seemed like it might be the right fit, color, and/or style, but I usually wound up being disappointed and feeling like I’d wasted my money. Putting together an actual outfit seemed impossible, and I felt as though I was never going to regain my pre-parenthood sense of style.

During her initial consultation Kim was very thorough in discovering what kind of clothes I liked, what my lifestyle was, how I wanted to present myself, and what kind of budget I had. There was no question in my mind that Kim understood how I wanted to look and what kind of clothes I would be comfortable wearing. During our shopping excursion, I was impressed once again by Kim’s professionalism, her sense of style and color, and her dedication to me and my needs.

Every mom needs to experience that once in a while! Kim was wonderful to work with; she took a process that, for me, had come to be extremely frustrating and made it easy and enjoyable. I’m thrilled with my new wardrobe and constantly get compliments on it. Thanks to Kim’s expert help I look great and I feel great. It’s the best gift I could have given myself!

— Caryn Ruud

Ruth Marsh – Mommy Makeover

Client: Ruth Marsh

Profession: Mommy Makeover

Objective(s): I want to be a stylish, comfortable, & chic Mom

Service(s): Color, Body and Style Analysis, Wardrobe Audit, Wardrobe Design, Personal Shopping, Wardrobe Coordination with Accessories

Hi Kim,

I realized I’ve got to write my thoughts down while they’re still fresh, before I forget!!

First of all, having new clothes that all go together and that go with me definitely makes getting dressed and doing anything more pleasant. My experience on our shopping day is probably best described as overwhelming. I NEVER shop like that! At the end of it, as I was purchasing more clothes (at one time) than I’d ever done before, I have to say I was more than a little apprehensive. The thought did cross my mind that, well, I could return a few things if, after looking things over at home, it seemed like just too much. When I got home and started showing the clothes to Don and looking at everything together, I realized that each item worked and had a place in my wardrobe. The day after we shopped I got dressed in one of my new outfits. Everything fit perfectly and looked great. More importantly to me was how totally comfortable I felt; not only that the clothes were comfortable, but that I was also comfortable in the ‘style’. I haven’t felt that way for a long time, but it reminded me of how I used to feel about my clothes (and myself, for that matter!).

Shopping with you is like having a personal seminar in not simply fashion but in what ‘works’ for my body as it is. It’s obvious that you’re helping your clients find and express more inner beauty in a very tangible way. The metaphor of shedding all the piled-up, old, outdated, “baggage” that had been weighing down my closet, and replacing/updating it with fresh, new, coordinated things is not lost on me. I truly do feel lighter for having gone through this process. I feel more awake. I want to go out more with my husband!

So, that brings me to my next topic. Don has really noticed (and likes) my new look. Now he needs some updating, too…He would like to have his colors done! …..Thanks again, Kim. What a pleasure this has been!

— Ruth

Deedee Grier – Full Time Mom

Client: Deedee Grier

Profession: Full Time Mom

Objective(s): Mommy Makeover

Service(s): Body, Color and Style Analysis, Wardrobe Audit, Wardrobe Design, Personal Shopping, Wardrobe Coordination with Accessories, Photo Journal

Uniquely Savvy is what I have needed for years. Kim Crumpler gave me honest fashion advice and found clothing and gems that have given me a complete wardrobe. Now I have confidence that what I wear is truly me, and complements my shape, personal coloring, and style. I’m a new and improved me thanks to Uniquely Savvy!

— Deedee Grier


M.C. – Mom

Client: M.C.

Service(s): Gift Certificate for Daughter, Elizabeth’s Birthday

I talked with my daughter yesterday. She is at PLU now and they had their convocation yesterday. During the ceremony, they recognized scholarship students and asked them to stand up. (My daughter is on a full ride academic scholarship, one of 5 incoming students to receive one.) She said she was embarrassed, but was comforted by the fact that while everyone was looking at her, she was confident that she looked good! She proceeded to tell me what she was wearing and how good she felt!

So, thank you for building her confidence and sense of self. We are blessed to have you in our lives!


— M.C.

Mary Kolb – Life Coach, Mom

Client: Mary Kolb

Profession: Life Coach, Mom

Objective(s): Gift Certificate for Daughter, Elizabeth’s Birthday

Service(s): Wardrobe Audit, Personal Shopping, Wardrobe Coordination with Accessories

My daughter Elizabeth developed dramatically in the months before she turned twelve. She began wearing only jeans, t-shirts, and sweatshirts. I could live with that if that’s what she really wanted. (It’s still better than piercings or a tattoo!) But I was concerned that it wasn’t so much a choice as a default, a way of trying to be comfortable when she didn’t know what else to do. So I called Kim, knowing how easy it is for me to look and feel good in my clothes after working with her 1 1/2 years ago. Kim helped her find the styles and colors that looked best on her — colors that I had never considered before, and styles that Elizabeth wouldn’t have tried if I had been the one to suggest them! Elizabeth ended up with clothes that she loves to wear, that allow her to play foursquare with her girlfriends at recess while showing off her lovely hair and eye coloring, and to do it modestly yet without hiding her figure. Kim was so positive, emphasizing all Elizabeth’s best features, and Elizabeth came away feeling great about herself! I am so pleased I trusted my mother’s instinct that Elizabeth needed some caring and expert help in this transition!

— Mary Kolb, Mom

Elizabeth Kolb – Jr. High Student

Client: Elizabeth Kolb

Profession: Jr. High Student

Objective(s): Personal Education to Learn How to Dress Body Shape & Style, Age and Activities

Service(s): Color, Style and Body Analysis, Mini Wardrobe Audit, Wardrobe Design, Personal Shopping

I was afraid at first for Kim to come over, and a little bit embarrassed, but when she came, I began to relax a bit. She was friendly, warm, and passionate. She asked me what I wanted, evaluated my shape and did my coloring, and was able to tell me what I could and couldn’t wear so that I still fit the look I wanted for me. When we went shopping, it took us the whole of an hour to get five or six new tops, one pair of gauchos, one tank top, two pairs of slacks, and one new dress which would have taken us two or more hours by ourselves. Kim new exactly what would look good on me, and what she wanted for me, and was able to get it. She was like Speedy Gonzales himself, zipping around the store faster than me and my mom could go! Afterwards I related that it was the most successful shopping trip ever, and that Kim had more than fulfilled my expectations and to this day, I still wear all of the clothes that Kim got me. I had a real fun time with Kim; it was the most fun shopping experience I have ever had and I am glad that I met Kim!

— Elizabeth Kolb, age 12

Jane Billbe – High School Student

Client: Jane Billbe

Profession: High School Student

Objective(s): Personal Education & Shopping

Service(s): Color, Body and Style Analysis, Closet Audit, Wardrobe Design, Shopping Excursion

When my mom first told me about Kim, I was really nervous. As a teen-ager in high school, I am self-conscious about my appearance, and shopping is a very hard thing to do for me. I wasn’t sure I wanted someone there helping me. When I met Kim, she was so nice and positive I felt a lot better about doing it. She took me shopping, told me what was flattering and what wasn’t. I learned that what I had been looking for was the wrong style for my body type. I have used her tips ever since. Kim has really changed the way I think of and look at myself.

— Jane Billbe, High School Student



Corporate VP, Advertising Fortune 500 Company

Client: Corporate VP, Advertising
Fortune 500 Company
“‘Only your hairdresser knows for sure…’ …an old advertising line, but still true. Having relocated from the East Coast two years ago, I was called back to NYC for an important business event, requiring a few days’ involvement before the culmination of a speech before 800 people. Obviously, having been in business for 35 years, one wants to look and be her best.
Who do I turn to? My hairdresser, who knows everything about Seattle. Including Kim Crumpler and her business, Uniquely Savvy.
First impression: phone call and immediate online follow-up. Kim’s business acumen plus her understanding personality indicated to me that I wanted to pursue her services.
She is buttoned up from first encounter to final solutions. Kim was very accommodating to my personal schedule, and made every effort to learn who I was and what my needs were before we ventured out into the vast shopping arenas.
Needless to say, my outfits, from top to bottom – were perfect. And when you LOOK your best, you FEEL your best, and you DELIVER — and that’s what I did — and that’s what Kim did for me.”

Jim Meyers, DC

Client: Jim Meyers
I dreaded the experience. To me, shopping for clothes is only a few steps above a root canal. Kim used her creativity, attention to detail, and sensitivity to guide me through the experience and feel great about it.
Kim’s professionalism is apparent in her ability to work with men. She is aware that we have a very different experience shopping than women do and adapts to those differences with no hesitation.
My clothes fit, they look great and I feel excellent in them.
Don’t hesitate. Whether shopping is in your comfort zone or not, Kim will open your eyes to a whole new level of understanding into your personal style.”

Kate Nugent Curtis, President

Client: Kate Nugent Curtis
Profession:President Communication Tactics Inc
“My experience with Kim Crumpler has brought so much clarity to how I manage my closet, my clothes and my shopping sprees! Prior to working with Kim, I had a closet full of clothes yet nothing to wear. I would buy more clothes, and still feel like I had nothing to wear. My frustration mounted and I asked Kim to help me. After spending just a few hours together, she was able to identify my personal style, put it into words, and then create a look that genuinely reflected my personality. The biggest value for me has been the realization that I have been wasting money for years buying random articles of clothing without thinking about projecting a “personal brand” or putting an outfit together according to my best colors, styles or cuts. I can honestly say that my investment has already paid off in savings several times over because of my new awareness of how to shop for my personal style. Additionally, something I hadn’t anticipated has been the ongoing value of Kim’s services. Every time I shop my closet or the stores, I draw on the style and branding tips Kim provided me. These are suggestions that I will take with me for years to come, so I have realized there is long-lasting value in just one afternoon together! I highly recommend Kim and her wonderful business, Uniquely Savvy. Her experience and intuitive fashion sense allow her to work quickly and purposefully toward your goals. Today, my closet has taken on a whole new look, and I love it! I spend less time wondering what to wear and more time just looking fabulous! Thank you, Kim!”

Sue Raney

Client: Sue Raney

“Dear Kim,Thanks again for doing such a great job overhauling my wardrobe. It was a pleasure working with such a talented professional! You were very thorough with our interview and listened well to really understand my issues and goals. You helped me with…Saving time – It took much less time than I thought to weed through my closet, determine my most flattering colors, and shop for new clothes. Your pre shopping was so efficient and well done it literally saved me days if not weeks of shopping. In one afternoon of shopping with you, I had about 90% of a new wardrobe, in cut and color that was most flattering for me. I continue to save time because I know what I have in my closet works.

Saving money – not only did you find clothes for me that were on sale in many cases, but I feel I’m not spending money on fashion mistakes that will sit in my closet. You were also very efficient with your hourly time.

Achieving my goal – I wanted to look pulled together, not thrown together, with specific emphasis on a good travel wardrobe. Your tips on fabric, cut and color of clothing and accessories were spot on. You encouraged me to alter some of my own clothing for a better fit, with specific suggestions. You also gave me the courage to move on from past fashion mistakes, and offered tips and tools to shop effectively in the future. According to my husband, I’ve definitely taken things up a notch!

I wouldn’t hesitate to give you a call again if I need you, or to recommend your service to others.

Best of luck with Uniquely Savvy!

Warm regards,
— Sue Raney

Mark Seaman – CFO

Client: Mark Seaman
Profession: CFO, J.R. Abbott Construction Inc.
“Dear Kim,
Just a note to thank you for your personal shopping services. It was well worth it! Initially I was a ‘doubting Thomas’ that this was something I wanted to get involved with, but over all I’m really happy with your work and shopping choices! It was a little cathartic getting rid of all my Eddie Bauer retro wardrobe to welcome the new, but the end result is great; the stark change is very apparent and the mix and match combos you put together are just how you advertised them to be. I think I’m going to like my new look. To complement you personally, you’re a real pro and well suited for this personal shopping niche market. You put me at ease while you accomplished the objectives we set in the first meeting; it was all very professional and I was left feeling really good about it when we were done. I actually forgot I was standing there half clothed being dressed like a mannequin. As I’m totally challenged in this arena and partially color blind I’m really impressed by how you orchestrated the whole process. We all need a ‘Style Doctor’. You are truly uniquely savvy.”

Cindy Roberts, Software Engineer

Client: Cindy Roberts
Profession: Software Engineer

“Hey Kim,Thank you for following up! You have changed my life! I feel so much more confident, and people *have* noticed. It was described as an ‘aura’, even my daughter noticed it. Love it, love it, love it! As for my new ‘social’ wardrobe, it must be working because all of my first dates are turning into second dates. I haven’t purchased a lot of new clothing, outside of tops, because my size is still changing. The fall colors this year are ‘me’ and I’m focusing on brown as my neutral. I did purchase a buttery-soft cocoa leather jacket today…yum, very delicious. I can now look at tops and say ‘no, this isn’t my neckline’. I feel empowered…thank you!I’ve actually told a couple of the guys I’ve dated that I had a personal stylist come to my house and they were both very impressed. I think my daughter, would love to have a session with you. Her birthday is in December and I think it would be a great present. She’ll be a lot easier to dress than I am…17 with a great figure!

Thank you again, Kim, the time spent with you has been invaluable!

All the best!”

Jamie Sanders, Owner Sisters Baking Company

Client: Jamie Sanders
Profession: Owner Sisters Baking Company

“Kim,Thanks for ‘seeing’ me. I appreciate how great I feel when I put on my ‘new’ self. I think that seeing others is part of your gifting, and it makes you so good at what you do- that and because you truly have a caring heart, you desire to bring out the best in people, and you have the ability to show the rest of the world what you have discovered.That’s what touched me about what you did for me. It makes me cry to think that you saw someone beautiful in me and you managed to show that to the rest of the world.”

Paul Boyer, Attorney T-Mobile

Client: Paul Boyer
Profession:Attorney T-Mobile
“Kim did a fantastic job to help me upgrade my wardrobe to showcase my personal brand style. Kim’s a great listener and genuinely understands her clients. She’s a true expert in her field and has such wonderful enthusiasm and passion for helping others. She gave me an excellent education about the types and cuts of clothes that look best on me and selected some wonderful shirts, pants and sweaters during our shopping outing. I would highly recommend Kim to any business professional who is interested in making the investment to update and upgrade their image and style.”

Debbie Rosemont, Productivity Consultant and Trainer Simply Placed

Client:Debbie Rosemont
Productivity Consultant and Trainer Simply Placed
“Kim offers a warm, savvy, well rounded approach to her style consultations. She is a great listener and really considers the wants, needs, and individual personality of her client. Kim packs a lot of value into her consultations. She can cover a variety of topics, from color, to cut, to style. She’s not just about buying new pieces to add to a wardrobe, but also emphasizes shopping in your own closet to affordably dress to flatter your body, fit your lifestyle and portray your “personal brand”. When needed, Kim can advise you on adding the right pieces to round out your wardrobe, and can even shop with you to ensure that you love what you bring home. Make sure to ask Kim about her personal story and why she does the work she does. You’ll see why she’s so passionate about her business and how her enthusiasm and quiet confidence can help you achieve your image goals. Kim’s a delight to work with. Her expertise and personality make her easy to recommend.”

Aurora Vidin, Sr. Project Manager BECU

Client: Aurora Vidin
Profession: Sr. Project Manager BECU
“Imagine having a person in your life that will honestly and sincerely dig into not just your professional persona but your individuality as well. Shaping the image you imprint to ensure you represents your whole self (which is, after all, you’re most important asset.) This is more than “what is in my closet.” This is a process of identifying, clarifying and/or refining YOU. Years of knowledge and training are evident immediately, with clear expectations and goals set prior to your appointment and verified each step of the journey she guides. No person, male or female, should be without Kim’s advocacy no matter your level of expertise Kim’s assistance is invaluable. Her interest is in you and ensuring the impressions you leave speak to your true character.” October 14, 2009

MaryPat Theiler-Cheng, Owner Netstar Communiations

Client: MaryPat Theiler-Cheng
Profession: Owner Netstar Communiations
“I first worked with Kim when I assumed a more visible role with my company, Netstar, Inc. She helped me develop my personal style brand and express that through a new wardrobe for work. Kim then worked with my business and life partner, Tony Cheng, in the same way. Our daughter asked for a session with Kim as her high school graduation gift, to build a wardrobe that would work for her as a new college student. Finally, I hired Kim to help me select my “mother-of-the-bride” outfit for another daughter’s wedding. Every time we have worked with Kim we have deepened our sense of personal style. She really hears her clients and works with them to develop a style and wardrobe that truly reflects them. She is a genius at what she does and an absolute delight to work with! We always feel affirmed and uplifted when we work with Kim.”

Liz, Finance Microsoft

Client:LizProfession: Finance, Microsoft
“Hi Kim,
I jotted down some feedback from my great experience:
• You met and exceeded all my expectations!
• For me it was very helpful/efficient to have you do the pre-shopping, and get the benefit of having a well laid out set of clothing to choose from.
• I think it was really smart upfront time in our initial consultation & closet review day. I was ready to just jump right in to the closet, and after we were done I fully realized the value in spending time defining my personal style. I knew that you 100% understood my desired style, and I appreciated also the coaching in helping me get there.
• While in the mall I appreciated your efficiency…. ie.: I stayed & paid, you went ahead and made sure the next thing was lined up.
• I completely trust your judgment, and I appreciate your honesty & sense of humor. I love all the clohing & accessories, and it feel right for me.
Thanks for all!”

Laura Polt, Realtor Windermere Real Estate

Client: Laura Polt
Profession: {Realtor Windermere Real Estate
“Kim helped me shop the Nordstrom sale in only 2 hours. She was laser focused and super efficient. She found great outfits that fit my cut, style and color – and every piece was on sale! It was a fun and informative experience and now I have some great business outfits that I can feel confident in wearing.”

Debrena Jackson Gandy, Best Selling Author, Speaker, Trainer & Million Dollar Mentor

Client: Debrena Jackson Gandy
Profession: Best Selling Author, Speaker, Trainer & Million Dollar Mentor
WOW! Kim Crumpler is passionate and extra-ordinary in her approach to working with her clients, and in her knowledge and expertise. As a best-selling author, national speaker and trainer, my virtual style coaching call with her came at a pivotal time in my career, as I was launching a new on-line personal brand. She helped me to define and capture my Personal Statement of Style in eight words, and then converted it into selections and choices of everything from jewelry, purse, and colors, to shoes, and fabric textures that would elevate, illuminate and accentuate my branding message.
– Debrena Jackson Gandy, Best Selling Author, Speaker, Trainer & Million Dollar Mentor

Franni Turean, Attorney

Client: Franni Turean
Profession: Attorney Law Offices of Frances Turean
I hired Kim to help take my business wardrobe from “hum-drum common” to “successful, confident expert.” She came through with flying colors! In fact, I was so pleased with the result of the Style Boot Camp, I then hired her to put together a color palette for me. She didn’t just put together outfits, she gave me the tools to do so on my own and make better decisions when shopping. Working with Kim and her style expertise has brought me definte benefits I can see every time I get dressed for work. Thank you Kim.

Kat Say, Leisure Travel Consultant

Client: Kat Say
Profession: Leisure Travel Consultant Rovia
As my travel business continued to grow over the last year, I knew personally and professionally it was time for a change. Being fairly young in my career, I never thought I needed a coach, let alone a style consultant. I soon realized that Kim provided so much more than fashion advice. She is an amazing listener and development coach that wants to see you succeed in whatever it is you are looking to do. I knew making an investment with her services was much more than how to shop for clothes, it was the WHY.
Kim came into our “style boot camp” session with incredible energy, passion, and a professional demeanor. The personal branding review was specifically my favorite part. I learned that my brand had to come from within first. She was an active listener and really brought the pieces together to determine my profile and brand. The cut, color, and closet audit were also a perfect complement to the branding session. The second best part was having Kim review my closet. Having her there really allowed me to take that next step and finally throw out the “old” and make room for the new! After the session, I could look in my closet with confidence and know that everything she helped me sort through was the start of a great blend with my brand. My closet looked so great, that it inspired my boyfriend to shop and remodel his closet as well!
Kim is beyond phenomenal!

Caterina Rando – Business Strategist, Author and founder of Power Dynamics Publishing

Client: Caterina Rando
Profession: Business Strategist, Author and founder of Power Dynamics Publishing
Seattle Women’s Empowerment Summit – June 2010
“Living Your Incredible Life: From Fear to Freedom”
Kim Crumpler is a dynamic, positive and powerful presenter. It is clear that she really knows her material and is passionate about helping her audience succeed. You can see the smiles and aha moments people are experiencing as she shares her perspective and ideas. Every group can benefit from her wisdom.

Paulette Gledhill – Director of Women’s Ministry – Crossroads Bible Church

Client: Paulette Gledhill
Profession: Director of Women’s Ministry – Crossroads Bible Church
Kim was easy to work with, listened to what I was looking for and brought to the evening a very fun and informative presentation. She encouraged each woman to express themselves in an authentic way, staying true to the person they are on the inside. She taught us how to dress appropriately for our size, age, lifestyle and personality.As the event planner, one of the things that I appreciated most was how Kim listened to the speakers that preceded her, referred to things they had said and tied the evening up with a sense of cohesiveness.
The day following the event I received this e-mail from someone who’d attended: “Kim can get up front and talk beautifully. She was so poised. The content was good and useful. Most of us struggle with style versus trends versus our body types, so it was great”.I would highly recommend Kim as a speaker for any sized group. She is energetic, engaging, respectful and a whole lot of fun!

Jim Badgley, Broker/Realtor

Client: Jim Badgley
Profession: Broker/Realtor Windermere Real Estate
“I have worked with Kim for quite a few years now. She has helped me transform my clothing and attire as well as given me numerous lifestyle coaching tips. Kim is the best at what she does. I have friends that mention they can’t afford to work with a style consultant, but it working with Kim has actually saved me money. I don’t waste money on clothes that I don’t wear and I don’t waste time shopping for clothes that don’t work. I highly recommend Kim. She will transform you into your best.”