What Gets in the Way of Sharperning Your Professional Appearance & Behavior at Work?

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Tuesday I was raising the awareness around Personal Branding at Windermere Bellevue Commons:  “Name something that gets in the way of sharpening the way you show up for business in terms of mindset, behavior and speech.”


I appreciated the candor and the truth from a few agents.  One person answered “laziness”.  Another, “insecurity and fear of being rejected”.


These are both valid.


Laziness:  Everyone has a brand.  Think of it this way.  You are either managing it, or others are managing/creating yours for you.  You (we) can’t afford not to invest nominal time and resources to understand, hone, and dress our promise of value to our clients. Sometimes it just takes a commitment to take the first step to gain that conscious connection.


Insecurity and fear of being rejected:  It’s hard to draw your line in the sand to say this is “who” you represent and “how” you serve your clients, community, and relationships.  I get it!  Here are some tips:


  • Start small by asking folks in your sphere what they see as a consistent skill set in you.  Or identify the “experience” you want others to have of you.
  • Exercise your courage muscle with trusted friends or colleagues and begin to speak about it or behave in small ways that reinforce what you’re learning.
  • Don’t feel that you have to jump two feet in and write it in your online profiles or company web site…yet.


Fear is often overcome in small consistent steps of building courage.  Try sharing who you are out loud, take note of the feedback you receive and step into more of your authentic personal brand.  Before you know it you will be ready to share YOU and the contribution you offer – proudly to the world.


Your Personal Brand distilled down? In part, it’s how you speak + how you act + what you wear.  Do your words, actions and appearance accurately communicate who you are (or what you want to be known for) to your clients, friends, family and community?


BTW:  When you align more of who you are authentically from the inside-out, you will either attract people toward you or repel people away from you…If you’re goal is to integrate who you are in the world, either way you win!



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