TIPS: Avoid Dressing and Redressing….and Redressing!

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Create a Photo Journal

Do you ever dress & redress several times before settling on what you’re going to wear?
Can you relate to this early morning call to me?

“HELP!!!…It’s in the details that I get stuck.  I need you to come over and photograph outfits so I can see how to wear things 3 or 4 different ways.”  “Are these shoes too matchy?” “Should I wear this belt?” “Does this really go together?”


….She’s not alone and the fix is easy, making dressing more effortless and fun!


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SOLUTION:  Personalized Photo Journal



  • Consider what you want to communicate with your look (visual brand)
  • Work one core piece at a time, say your black leggings, pinstripe suite, or J. Hilburn navy windowpane trousers.  Create various looks from casual, to formal, to girls or guys night out.  Use different textures, layers (blazers to sweaters), and accessories to communicate polished and professional, fun and sassy, or relaxed.  Try on each outfit, tweak until you love the vibe…then take a quick pic.
  • Skip perfection….Photo Journal pics are a guide to give visual clues and will be obsolete with a stain, new season (if you’re super trendy), or when you’re bored of the look.  Pics don’t need to be perfectly hanging or , pressed…you can even put “fillers” in place to remind you of what you want/need to buy.
  • Keep your Photo Journal online or create a hard copy.  The goal is to have options readily available so that at-a-glance, you select the outfit that aligns with your task, audience, and mood!

…DIY TIPS assume that you have the right pieces that you  love in your closet already!  If you don’t, let’s schedule a VIRTUAL  or Seattle personal shopping session. Uniquely Savvy shops from discount to designer and also includes J. Hilburn custom menswear.

Here’s to dressin’ effortlessly and authentically!


from the “Inside-Out”, Kim

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