These 2 Clients Won…Celebrate Their Extraordinary Experiences, Won’t You?!!!

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IMG_5671Fairy dust or blessings were SO over this Mother-of-the-Groom.
She kept getting ROCK STAR WINS all day!



Pausing to ‪#‎Celebrate‬ 2 clients w/extraordinary experiences –join me?!

Fairy dust or blessings were SO over this Mother-of-the-Groom who Ubered over from Seattle.  She kept getting ROCK STAR WINS all day, and although she had her doubts:

*She LOVED the 1st dress she tried at The Bravern & then tried on no more!  (I had ordered in several and had some on hold at Nordstrom as well.)

“It’s exactly how I wanted to look and feel!”


She looked exquisite…shining from the inside-out. …What a delight!


What was next:

*Drove to Mimi, my Bellevue tailor of choice for some 10 minute alterations…

*Drove to The Square & circled the parking garage one more time because this novice chauffeur du jour had a hunch I would find her front and center parking…and it happened!

*With hard to fit feet, she was so terribly worried that we wouldn’t find any “festive” shoes…the 1st pair she tried on was a WIN!

*Then we found just the right accessory to keep her warm into the evening.

…All in all, it was a wrap in just 2 HRS. “I’m so relieved” – and it’s 1 full month before the big day. She couldn’t stop comparing it to the time her daughter got married – she went out 8 painstaking times to find “the dress.”

This is more than just a style WIN, because this lovely woman has
significant struggles (disdain) for the process of shopping.



…Done early, we went and celebrated over coffee drinks & convo for well over an hour 🙂! Kudos to her using her confident voice & for being extremely specific with her wants and needs… and then trusting the process!


 IMG_5354 (2)“My business – I’m working out of OVERFLOW right now Kim, in 11 years it’s not been like this!

…I have 4 houses in escrow!”


Then a client call w/a Realtor was chalk full of his successes, breakthroughs and learnings both professionally and personally.

Sharing what he learned and put into action from the March branding workshop (how to define and take ownership of his personal brand to so he could achieve greater success with greater ease), he spoke again of the powerful impact of the positioning statement/elevator speech we created, and was intentional to ask,

“Do you have advanced training or a workshop for how to manage success and how to keep it going?
I’ve got my branding down and it’s working, but I now need more.”


…Yes, I get to coach, train, teach and style…but there’s nothing more beautiful than witnessing others come into their own and create/live the lives they want with more confidence and personally defined success.

In different ways, both of these folks needed to say YES to themselves and the possibilities of what could be. …That they trusted me and Uniquely Savvy’s process to champion them on this leg of their journey, is an honor that my words cannot express.


 IMG_4822Raisin’ a glass to them, here’s to celebrating YOU as well!

“A man without vision will perish.” Proverb


Whether creating your style, life by design, or professional brand – define your vision, then keep your eye on the prize!




Kim Peterson is Founder of Uniquely Savvy, Inc and is a Champion of People who desire confident breakthroughs in BEing their best,  dressing their best, and showing up their best to align from the inside-out!  Kim works with individuals, teams, and organizations to elevate authentic personal brands and style, inspire confidence, and live more empowered so that they can attract more of who and what they want in business and in life!  As a keynote speaker, workshop facilitator, and personal brand & style consultant, she works decisively and thoughtfully to bring about holistic and goal oriented solutions to those she’s honored to serve.

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