Take A Chance, You Never Know What Might Happen!

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“Went to an executive coaching event @ The Pacific Institute. An impromptu follow up @ Salty’s led to this spontaneous ‘n zany early bday celebration with people I just met! -It’s true, people will remember how you make them feel. Beyond thoughtful, a fave bday memory for sure!”


A treasure lady in Uniquely Savvy’s FB community made a comment after I posted the above pic, “What I love about you, Kim, is you know how to live in the moment!”


My reply?


“What I love about you is your openness/generosity to celebrate others….THANK YOU! Funny thing, is I almost said “NO THANKS” (to going), but I thought of the post I shared yesterday, “Take a chance, you never know what might happen” and I thought, “NO ONE ELSE IS GOING TO LIVE MY LIFE FOR ME.” Take a chance on participating further :-). The result: Reciprocal business referrals, tons of laughter, and all of this adventure was based off a 5 second exchange on birth dates on the way in…..Maryanne, I appreciate your reinforcement to “live in the moment.”


Readers, how do you live in the moment?



I took a chance that one night last week and said YES.  A zany good time and a memory for a lifetime was created.

What if you took a chance?  Imagine…the possibilities!



From The “Inside-Out”, Kim

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