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Had a new client –  Alex, in from China…


508d32dc3f06992c994e77f125ea4849Alex in London

In Review:

  • She was on a time budget so we worked on SKYPE to get her preferences, measurements and sizes, and to create a cohesive wardrobe plan that would reflect her casual, creative, chic, fresh and confident street style to support her personal brand.  What is that?  Check it out here!
  • I pre-shopped accordingly and let her know that we had only 1 hour to make finally decisions at the 1st store because we’d have to move on :-). …Apparently my pre-shop was a success!  She looked a-mazing and picked up 6 pants (denim and non denim), shirts and a blazer…rockin’ it out in just 45 minutes!!!!
  • In the end, we were together 2 hours and we were able to get everything on her list (except a winter coat) to include some amazing shoes + boots!


This breath of fresh air was such a delight,  yet now she’s headed back to China on a jet plane!




Photo Journal:


Our 1st HelloOur 1st in person “Hello”

I had only seen Alex on SKYPE and in pics….Was fun to walk in to see her darling, effervescent, creative self getting a jump start and trying things on!
She hugged me at once – super cute – as she was so thrilled with her choices!

stellaIntroduced her to Stella & Dot Online and She Fell in Love…
Thx Joy for workin’ to get it, just in time for her flight back today!

Next Stop Shoe Shopin'Next Step?  Shoe Shoppin!

So Darling She Grabbed Her New Jacket to Try on ShoesShe Grabbed Her New Jacket for Trying On Shoes….
A Best Practice ~ Always Look For The “Net Effect of The Whole Look”.

Saw These and Knew She Had to Have ThemSaw These and I Knew She Had to Have Them & She Did!

Model Looks PersonalityModel Looks + Sweet, Yet Get ‘er Done Personality! IMG_5586Decisions, Decisions!

I Gifted Her This Jacket not Knowing it was Her Birthday2 Hours Later, Saying “Good – Bye”!

Brought this gently worn jacket from my donation bag to give her – if she wanted it.  It was just what she was looking for (cotton BF blazer with baggy fit, natural colors to include blue – this marine navy makes her eyes pop!), but I could only find one option in the stores in the time we had.  With another hug, she graciously accepted which was kinda fun….In the end, it turned out that our shopping day was her birthday!

Happy Birthday Beautiful Alex!   




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