Raving Fans


Client: Marc Whitten
Profession: Corporate Vice President, Xbox Live, Microsoft
Objective(s): Develop an on stage and camera ready visual brand for the 2010 E3 Summit and press release conference
Service(s): Personal Branding, Style, Body & Color Analysis, Shopping

I really enjoyed working with Kim! Not only did she quickly understand my style and needs, but she also did an incredible amount of legwork. When we met to go over options, she had a great collection pulled from around Seattle so that we could zero in on just what I was looking for quickly. I loved the look where we landed and what a time saver!

-Marc Whitten


Client:Matt Deasy
Profession:GM, Windermere Real Estate
Objective(s):Update professional wardrobe while saving time & money
Service(s):Brand Analysis, Body, Color & Style Analysis, Wardrobe Audit, Wardrobe Coordination with Accessories & Shopping, Photo Journal

Kim, wanted to thank you for helping me update my professional wardrobe. You saved me time shopping (which I would not do) and it was as efficient as possible. You also provided better results for less money. The cost of changing out my wardrobe including your fee was less than I would have spent if I had to do it myself. Plus I did not buy anything that I later discovered did not work or I did not like…..I now hear, “that looks good on you” or “that color is great on you.” —Matt

Client:Yvonne Hall
Profession:Yvonne Hall, CFO® CIMA /First Vice President, Investments, Wachovia Securities, LLC
Objective(s):Save Time & Money, Build a Fun & Fashionable Professional Wardrobe, Maximize Wardrobe Investment
Service(s):Body & Style Analysis, Wardrobe Audit, Wardrobe Design, Personal Shopping, Wardrobe & Accessory Coordination, Photo Journal

Kim is Awesome! I have benefited from her fashion expertise for several years, primarily to both save time and money AND end up with a very cool, fun, fashionable wardrobe. Recently I added Kim’s photo journal service to my arsenal. I don’t know about everyone else; but I get into a rut and wear the same combinations of pieces and accessories time after time. Kim’s creative eye turned 12 or 15 of my “usual” combinations into over 90 different outfits! It’s fabulous. Because I have it on CD ROM, I can set up the slide show and never have to wonder about “what should I wear?” again! Thank you Kim.

— Yvonne

Caterina Rando

Profession: Retiree and Philanthropist
Objective(s): Stop over-shopping, shop my closet and look like a “10!”
Service(s): Personal Brand, Style & Body Analysis, Custom Color Compass, Wardrobe Audit and Shopping
What a difference I have experienced since I began working with Kim on my image and wardrobe. After working with her on defining my unique, one-of- a- kind personal style and doing a color consultation, I am now armed with the tools I need to always look like a “10” when I walk out the door.
In the past, I “over-shopped”, bought too much, and was never quite satisfied with how I looked. I experienced the chronic feeling of “I don’t have anything to wear”. Now, because of my work with Kim, those days are gone. She gave me the tools I was lacking to make the right selections for my personal style, and I actually have outfits hanging in my closet that I love to wear. When I go shopping now, I know instantly what is going to work for me and what isn’t. Also, working with Kim on “shopping my closet” has helped me clean out those pieces that aren’t working and complete those that are.
I am so happy that I starting working with Kim. My only regret is that I didn’t get started sooner. I know I would have saved thousands of dollars. I am buying less and loving my wardrobe more! Kim is not about “shopping”. She is all about “image making”, helping empower women to put their strongest image out there every day.

– PC

Client:Elise Touchette
Profession:Martha Beck Trained Life Coach
Objective(s):To Look Put Together & Professional, Confident and Approachable
Service(s):Brand Analysis, Body, Color, & Style Analysis, Wardrobe Audit, Wardrobe Coordination with Accessories, & Shopping.

My experience with Kim started when I was in the real estate profession after many years at a local software company…My uniform in my old career was mostly jeans, t-shirts and comfortable shoes. (As a realtor) I realized that I needed to be able to communicate a lot about myself in a short period of time & sensed on some level that I was not doing this very well with my appearance.

…Kim has an amazing eye for what suits someone’s body and is honest, yet caring in how she communicates this information. But more than just telling you what you should wear, I appreciated the time she took to understand me and the image I wanted to present to my clients. She respected my comfort zones for style while still trying to get me to expand them a little. And I specially appreciated the way she educated me along the way so that I would be empowered to make great choices and purchases moving forward.

In getting to know Kim you will get to know someone with great passion for her work, sincere care for her clients and integrity for all that she does. I am now building a life coaching business and while I feel like there is a lot of uncertainty and unknowns around me, one thing I do not have to worry about is how I am presenting myself in this new career. I walk out the door and into client and industry meetings with my head held high and confident with the image I am presenting”.

—Elise Touchette

Profession:Software Tester, Microsoft
Objectives(s):Recommendations on what shape, size, type of clothes would look best on me, advice on what part of my wardrobe is good, what should be donated and some simple color advice
Service(s):Brand, Body and Color Analysis, Wardrobe Audit, Shopping List


Working at Microsoft where the environment is casual, doesn’t mean I have to always wear a simple t-shirt and jeans. What I was hoping to get from you were some color and specific style recommendations that would get me out of my rut so I could confidently shop on my own.

After our consultation, I went out shopping and got all kinds of stuff. I hit Barneys, J. Crew, Nordstrom, Nordstrom Rack and Banana Republic, and found a lot of great things that made a lot more sense to me after our talk. It made a huge difference to know what colors I should be looking for; I was much more confident that I would end up with something that would look good on me and that I’d like wearing… usually when I went shopping before, I’d just come home without buying anything, or buying things I would later decide I didn’t like for some reason. There is NO WAY I would have bought all of that stuff a month ago, even though I really needed new clothes. I’m really happy with the stuff I got, and I’m trying to resist the urge to go out again this weekend!

Thanks again for your help. I’ll be happy to pass your name along to anyone who seems interested in how my fashion IQ suddenly went from 45 to 120…

— Cheers, V.H.


“Kim did a fantastic job to help me upgrade my wardrobe to showcase my personal brand style. Kim’s a great listener and genuinely understands her clients. She’s a true expert in her field and has such wonderful enthusiasm and passion for helping others. She gave me an excellent education about the types and cuts of clothes that look best on me and selected some wonderful shirts, pants and sweaters during our shopping outing. I would highly recommend Kim to any business professional who is interested in making the investment to update and upgrade their image and style.”

-Paul Boyer, Attorney
T -Mobile 

Client: Megan McDonald
Profession: PR/Communications
Objective(s): To build a flattering, functional wardrobe that expresses my style aesthetic.
Service(s): Color GPS & Virtual Style Appointment
My virtual coaching session with Kim was educational, illuminating, and fun. First, she assessed my body shape and gave me pointers about the best silhouettes, lengths and proportions. We then looked at several photos of my current pieces and Kim provided excellent critiques and guides for editing my wardrobe and making new purchases. She also offered some easy, practical tips for making my existing clothes more flattering using jewelry and accessories.
I particularly liked that Kim really listened to what I needed in my closet and the style that I was trying to achieve, and built her suggestions and advice around helping me reach those goals.
It was an excellent investment, and I expect I will be calling on Kim again in the future for more virtual coaching.

Client:Jeff Clark
Profession:Marketing Executive, Boeing
Before:Pre-existing weekend social attire
After:Updated weekend social attire

Have to admit to being a bit clueless, before getting ‘schooled’ in a very fun, quick and easy way with Kim working her magic. No more ordinary clothes selection! Best to work with someone at the top of her game, and Kim defintely is there!

— Jeff

“Dear Kim,

Thanks again for doing such a great job overhauling my wardrobe. It was a pleasure working with such a talented professional! You were very thorough with our interview and listened well to really understand my issues and goals. You helped me with…

Saving time – It took much less time than I thought to weed through my closet, determine my most flattering colors, and shop for new clothes. Your pre shopping was so efficient and well done it literally saved me days if not weeks of shopping. In one afternoon of shopping with you, I had about 90% of a new wardrobe, in cut and color that was most flattering for me. I continue to save time because I know what I have in my closet works.

Saving money – not only did you find clothes for me that were on sale in many cases, but I feel I’m not spending money on fashion mistakes that will sit in my closet. You were also very efficient with your hourly time.

Achieving my goal – I wanted to look pulled together, not thrown together, with specific emphasis on a good travel wardrobe. Your tips on fabric, cut and color of clothing and accessories were spot on. You encouraged me to alter some of my own clothing for a better fit, with specific suggestions. You also gave me the courage to move on from past fashion mistakes, and offered tips and tools to shop effectively in the future. According to my husband, I’ve definitely taken things up a notch!

I wouldn’t hesitate to give you a call again if I need you, or to recommend your service to others.

Best of luck with Uniquely Savvy!

Warm regards,

— Sue Raney

“Imagine having a person in your life that will honestly and sincerely dig into not just your professional persona but your individuality as well. Shaping the image you imprint to ensure you represents your whole self (which is, after all, you’re most important asset.) This is more than “what is in my closet.” This is a process of identifying, clarifying and/or refining YOU. Years of knowledge and training are evident immediately, with clear expectations and goals set prior to your appointment and verified each step of the journey she guides. No person, male or female, should be without Kim’s advocacy no matter your level of expertise Kim’s assistance is invaluable. Her interest is in you and ensuring the impressions you leave speak to your true character.” October 14, 2009

-Aurora Vidin, Sr. Project Manager

“Kim offers a warm, savvy, well rounded approach to her style consultations. She is a great listener and really considers the wants, needs, and individual personality of her client. Kim packs a lot of value into her consultations. She can cover a variety of topics, from color, to cut, to style. She’s not just about buying new pieces to add to a wardrobe, but also emphasizes shopping in your own closet to affordably dress to flatter your body, fit your lifestyle and portray your “personal brand”. When needed, Kim can advise you on adding the right pieces to round out your wardrobe, and can even shop with you to ensure that you love what you bring home. Make sure to ask Kim about her personal story and why she does the work she does. You’ll see why she’s so passionate about her business and how her enthusiasm and quiet confidence can help you achieve your image goals. Kim’s a delight to work with. Her expertise and personality make her easy to recommend.”

-Debbie Rosemont, Productivity Consultant and Trainer
Simply Placed

“My experience with Kim Crumpler has brought so much clarity to how I manage my closet, my clothes and my shopping sprees! Prior to working with Kim, I had a closet full of clothes yet nothing to wear. I would buy more clothes, and still feel like I had nothing to wear. My frustration mounted and I asked Kim to help me. After spending just a few hours together, she was able to identify my personal style, put it into words, and then create a look that genuinely reflected my personality. The biggest value for me has been the realization that I have been wasting money for years buying random articles of clothing without thinking about projecting a “personal brand” or putting an outfit together according to my best colors, styles or cuts. I can honestly say that my investment has already paid off in savings several times over because of my new awareness of how to shop for my personal style. Additionally, something I hadn’t anticipated has been the ongoing value of Kim’s services. Every time I shop my closet or the stores, I draw on the style and branding tips Kim provided me. These are suggestions that I will take with me for years to come, so I have realized there is long-lasting value in just one afternoon together! I highly recommend Kim and her wonderful business, Uniquely Savvy. Her experience and intuitive fashion sense allow her to work quickly and purposefully toward your goals. Today, my closet has taken on a whole new look, and I love it! I spend less time wondering what to wear and more time just looking fabulous! Thank you, Kim!”
-Kate Nugent Curtis, President
Communication Tactics Inc

Client:Caryn Ruud
Profession:Full time & busy Mom
Objective(s):I want to be a stylish, comfortable, & chic Mom
Service(s):Style & Shop Package: Brand Analysis, Body, Color, & Style Analysis, Wardrobe Audit, Wardrobe Coordination with Accessories, & Shopping

As a busy, disorganized and tired (but happy!) mom, I knew that my outward appearance was sadly lacking. I lived in what I called my “Mom clothes”: drab sweatshirts, frumpy jeans and baggy sweats. I was discouraged with my appearance but didn’t know what to do about it. Who has hours to spend perusing fashion magazines and shopping for beautiful, stylish clothes when you have small children who need your attention all day – and a lot of the night, too? And I wasn’t sure how to best dress my new, post-pregnancy shape.

On my all-too-infrequent trips to the mall I would grab something – anything – that seemed like it might be the right fit, color, and/or style, but I usually wound up being disappointed and feeling like I’d wasted my money. Putting together an actual outfit seemed impossible, and I felt as though I was never going to regain my pre-parenthood sense of style.

During her initial consultation Kim was very thorough in discovering what kind of clothes I liked, what my lifestyle was, how I wanted to present myself, and what kind of budget I had. There was no question in my mind that Kim understood how I wanted to look and what kind of clothes I would be comfortable wearing. During our shopping excursion, I was impressed once again by Kim’s professionalism, her sense of style and color, and her dedication to me and my needs.

Every mom needs to experience that once in a while! Kim was wonderful to work with; she took a process that, for me, had come to be extremely frustrating and made it easy and enjoyable. I’m thrilled with my new wardrobe and constantly get compliments on it. Thanks to Kim’s expert help I look great and I feel great. It’s the best gift I could have given myself!

— Caryn Ruud

Client:Elizabeth Kolb
Profession:Jr. High Student
Objective(s):Personal Education to Learn How to Dress Body Shape & Style, Age and Activities
Service(s):Color, Style and Body Analysis, Mini Wardrobe Audit, Wardrobe Design, Personal Shopping

I was afraid at first for Kim to come over, and a little bit embarrassed, but when she came, I began to relax a bit. She was friendly, warm, and passionate. She asked me what I wanted, evaluated my shape and did my coloring, and was able to tell me what I could and couldn’t wear so that I still fit the look I wanted for me. When we went shopping, it took us the whole of an hour to get five or six new tops, one pair of gauchos, one tank top, two pairs of slacks, and one new dress which would have taken us two or more hours by ourselves. Kim new exactly what would look good on me, and what she wanted for me, and was able to get it. She was like Speedy Gonzales himself, zipping around the store faster than me and my mom could go! Afterwards I related that it was the most successful shopping trip ever, and that Kim had more than fulfilled my expectations and to this day, I still wear all of the clothes that Kim got me. I had a real fun time with Kim; it was the most fun shopping experience I have ever had and I am glad that I met Kim!

— Elizabeth Kolb, age 12