Elevator Speech Consultation

Elevator Speech Consultation

useJR Nobles, Real Estate Professional


This Realtor earned an $8,500 commission
simply for being prepared & authentically articulating his value through his custom elevator pitch – in a produce department no less!


  • Do you know how to confidently and clearly articulate who you are and the value you represent?


  • Can you briefly and cohesively communicate who your ideal clients are and how you deliver results to solve their pain and frustration?


  • Are you able to communicate with impact in a way that gets you remembered and positions you for increasing your bottom line?


It’s not enough just to know what you do.


You have to effectively communicate it in a concise, confident, clear and impactful way.


You only have moments to build rapport and pique and keep one’s interest so they know if:

1. You have what they need

2. They know someone who needs what you offer

3. They would like to continue the conversation in that moment or at a later time


Do you have what it takes to make those moments count?


While an “elevator speech” can sometimes have a negative connotation, what it really is, is a positioning statement – a brief summary that clearly tells people who you are, what you do and how you add value. This is a must for solopreneurs and entrepreneurs trying to build their business, and is a savvy tool for employees within organizations who want to differentiate themselves and stand out as well.


In This Strategy Session We Will:


  • Define Your Brand Promise of Value


  • Define Your Target Market and Ideal Clients


  • Determine Your Unique Value of Contribution


  • Create Your Authentic, Cohesive & Memorable Elevator Pitch/Positioning Statement


Re-purpose your Elevator Pitch/Positioning Statement for Your:


  • Executive Bio


  • Email Signature


  • Voice Mail Greetings


  • Speaker’s One Sheets


  • LinkedIn, Social Media Bios


  • Internal or External Networking



Mine Your Truth & Emerge from the Struggle:

Achieve Effortless, Aligned & Savvy Style
Speak with Impact & Unshakable Confidence
Clarify & Live Your Vision of Success
Own Your Unique Genius

BE the Total Package!
Get Seen, Get Heard for All the Right Reasons &
Achieve Game-Changing Success
with Confidence, Clarity and Ease!

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