Nuggets: Living MY Vision of Success In 2014 From Fear to Freedom Workshop

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IMG_0683 - CopyRaisin’ a glass to a brand new year, to one phenomenal group of peeps, and to all the good shares, and collective learning that was to come….and it did!!!

Celebration is in TALL order!

…Such transparent shares from those who lived out 2013 fighting through (some intense) *vision blockers* and WON with huge personal and professional gains!  As we unpacked current obstacles, we all were ignited with hope, equipped with tips ‘n tools, and refreshed with gusto for

*LIVING MY VISION OF SUCCESS IN 2014:  From Fear to Freedom*!


IMG_0689 - CopyCoaching on mindset & values, values-based goal setting, and vision boards as tools to achieve one’s goals.

TIP:  When you inevitably get hit with vision blockers in 2014 (obstacles to your goals/vision), remember in the dark what you learned to be TRUE in the light.  The dark represents the storm, the light represents the calm -when you were clear in your thinking, planning, goal setting. 

Some TRUTHS may be:

  • One small right step-at-a-time will get me back on track to where I want to be.
  • I *do* VALUE _________.  This *is* worth fighting for!

        What TRUTHS can you exercise now in order to draw upon during the storm?

IMG_0702 - CopyCultivating new relationships while putting boards together!

IMG_0713Vision boards in review!…..

A privilege to spend the day with these folks and to see their goals take shape in the form of vision boards to use as plumb lines throughout the year.  With the answers to, “What Do I Value?”  “Who Do I Want to Be?”  “What Do I Want to Experience?” in place (or almost in place), and a tool box for fighting our vision blockers, we are ready to charge on…ready to live our unique and aligned visions of success in 2014!
How about you?

Thank you Jim Badgley and Windermere, for being such gracious hosts to our community of vision casters!

from the “Inside-Out”, Kim

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