New Year, New YOU: Take Care of You 1st!

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HAPPY 2016!

I just LOVE a brand new year full of brand new possibilities, how about you?

My friend, Jill Nichols-Hicks is Co-Founder of an empowered women’s group called Illuminating Women. In her NYE message to us, she shared this video whereby Willow, Jada Pinkett-Smith’s daughter asks, “How hard is it being a wife and mother.”

Now, while I’m not a mother (albeit I was the temporary guardian for my then 13 year old nephew for a short time), there are so many juicy nuggets in here.

Jada’s answer is rich, candid, and comprehensive and it speaks to our identity,
self-concept and worth. It is all under the umbrella of self –care. Self-care or the lack of it impacts all women, not just moms, so I thought to write as we’re kickin’ off the New Year.


No matter your goals – whether it’s to get that makeover you’ve always wanted, elevate or authenticate your personal brand identity, increase your revenues, adventure across the itinerary of your dream vacation or lose 20 lbs – you have got to begin with YOU first.
I’ve said it for years and I’ll write it here: When you take care of yourself first you will have more to offer others. You can only offer your clients, your friends, or your family the best of what you’ve given to yourself. If you don’t manage your energy and replenish in ways that not only take care of you, but nurture you…your reserves will be low, maybe even empty, and perhaps will cause you to break down manifesting in emotional, mental, or physical health challenges. At a minimum, you will not be operating at capacity with those whom you desire.


1. YOU have to be responsible for your own self-care and happiness.

2. What we as women (moms) are called to do and BE takes so much – heart, spirit and creativity that in order to have capacity to fully live our purpose, we must take care of SELF first. And this BTW is not at all selfish!

3. So many people are unhappy w their lives because of the limiting beliefs and messages they are listening to.


Mindset matters. It is imperative to champion the truth of who you are and why you do things the way you do, as it is out of your belief system that you make every day choices that impact the quality of your life and relationships.

As we often think about “A New Year, A New You”, consider this:

1. What do you believe about yourself and self-care that did or did not move you into action toward your fitness goals…today, on January 1st?

2. What belief is stopping you from updating your wardrobe or your appearance so that you feel better about how you’re showing’ up at work and at home?

3. As a mom, what keeps you from making a “Mommy Date” with just yourself?


Remember, you get to be responsible for your own self-care and happiness!


While I just created these scenarios for illustration, consider what rings true for you, and ask yourself what limiting beliefs around self-care keep you from moving into action to BE who you want to be, achieve what you want to achieve, or acquire what you want to have?




May you find yourself as worthy of self-care and with a fierce commitment move into action, so that together we can illuminate others to live as their highest and best authentic selves both on the inside and out!


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