My Unfavorable Brand Experience: Why Branding Matters

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My FB Share A few Days Later:

Still incredulous to how I was treated while pre shopping for a client the other day….their thought that I might steal led to my being “escorted” to the other department where my other holds were. I call it my Pretty Woman experience which I’ll constructively blog about (see below)…. Though I felt pretty, my heart was happy and I was just doin’ my job -their unwarranted judgments crept in. Was it the color of my skin? Or the fact that I decided to wear my boot cut jeans and heels vs. my skinny jeans?…

Judgments and fear are barriers to us doing the highest good for ourselves and others. This is why we have to #challenge our limiting beliefs and judgments -because we operate out of our belief system. (…I invite you exercise the courage to challenge your judgments/limiting beliefs often.)


Immediate Journal to Myself After the Incident:

Interesting…and timely as just today, (2) organizations requested that I come teach how personal branding (the way you speak, act, look) positively or negatively affects your business and the bottom line.

Often times clients hire me to be the buffer between them and the folks on the sales floor. You might relate to the feeling of being “sold to”, ignored, or judged because of your appearance – these are some of the “whys” which are expressed upon hiring me for the “shopping” element of what I do.

Generally, I stand in the gap for clients and am the steady buffer armed with a collaborated plan and strategy for shopping success, yet today – though I felt pretty, I felt like Pretty Woman…ignored by many at one store and then escorted down the stairs with some accessories at another – after the overheard expressed, “she should be okay”.

…A few minutes later a sales person said she was told to walk me down the stairs as I wanted to put the items on hold with my client’s other things (to include about $2k of already paid for options I had shipped in).

I remained calm, am still calm – yet it’s insulting.

In 15 years of personal shopping for clients through Uniquely Savvy, this is the second time I’ve knowingly experienced such a situation. …And in 15 years, I’ve never stolen anything, always hang fitting room garments up, and mainly just make retailers hundreds and thousands of dollars (with minimal returns & sans any perk or reward for the business I bring).

It’s interesting as just this afternoon I shared a warm pic of my family writing, “people might not remember what you say, but they will remember how they made you feel”. …How you make them feel reflects on the brand of YOU- something that I coach/teach about.

While I/ we all have areas to improve, the events of today just became a good coaching moment for anyone curious about how one’s behavior impacts their personal brand perception/experience, and how it impacts a customer’s choice whether or not to do business with them going forward. Regarding one retailer, I’ve dramatically reduced my patronage over the last 5 years after being my “go- to” store for nine years.

Not venting, yet going forward I will share examples of positive brand experiences and those that offer teachable moments.

…For example, when you’re a LinkedIn connection and reach out with “hey cutie” followed by a request to do business, it’s likely to communicate to the recipient that you’re not too serious about business.  If this is the first impression, the perception may be, “What can this guy possibly help me with?” (This example is from a couple of years ago, but it’s become clearer to me that enriching the personal branding conversation might be helpful…so here we go).

What brand experience are you offering?   No shaming, just raising awareness.



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