Layin’ My Selfie Baton Down: What I Learned About Selfies

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FullSizeRender (3)Gotta Love Fall!

SO…NO judgment!!!  This is just my experience!  …Which culminated in this post.


It was 6:25 AM on Wednesday and I woke up with this thing that needed to be birthed out…..


Gave myself a (trial) run of taking pics of what I’m wearing to show *asking* clients and beyond, but I haven’t like it (almost one bit)!  I confessed to a social media expert the other day that  it made my head hurt focusing that much attention on myself:  “trying to learn how to take the right shot” which rarely seemed to capture the details I wanted (would you care about those details anyway?), rushing to find time to take hallway shots so then I could figure out how I could write about it in so many characters or sentences or less, and trying to understand how often I should post said “selfies” so that it somehow didn’t feel as vain as it did for me.  (….BTW, it’s not like I could just take a quick shot:  “I look to thick!”  “That lighting is too washed out.”  “What’s my face doing?!!!”….It just felt arduous.)



Truly.  It made my head hurt and my heart had a dis-ease to it…It was flat out too much time and attention on me by me -and it felt like a distraction…Because I was preoccupied with taking pictures, I wasn’t energetically as still as I like to be.  I felt like I was missing things in a weird sort of way.  Has this ever happened to you?


The dilemma:  When one owns their own business there’s always the balance of “doing what everybody else is doing” (selfies are overwhelmingly everywhere), promoting, and doing what feels right for the individual.  I tend to lean more towards what feels right for me, though it often takes me where I want to go more slowly to be sure…….Truly, what feels right to me….what I love?


~To coach and CHAMPION others through their experience of inside-out conscious connection with self, story and purpose.  This eventually leads to personal style.

~To become more comfortable and confident in my own skin and support others in doing the same (Selfies didn’t produce more confidence, likely did the opposite.  Being true to myself in this post is vulnerable -but ultimately will give me the kind of authentic inner confidence I want to build on.)

~I love to consider possibilities and offer permissions to myself and others with grace and ease….

~I love to share things I’m passionate about which may occasionally include a fabulous hair blow-out or parts of an outfit…….but the #truth is I’m more passionate about STORY – relationship, journey, vision, possibility, freedom – and my faith journey, family, friends and client relationships.


On Client Photos:  Clients are typically private.  They don’t want their picture showcased and I respect that.  …But this is where all the juicy styling comes together with a client’s energy, hair, eyes, and skin:  color, texture, accessories – details!  I keep asking for the hope of an occasional “YES, share!”  You see, when I get to share or receive pics from clients (or YOU) after our work together it is a privilege to me – a form of  continued #celebration and #story! (SEND MORE PICS :-))



IMG_7759 Summer Frocks!

IMG_7760Beach Cover Up:  Tropical Photo Shoot w/my Guy!

….This last season of my journey has been about finding my courage and voice about “inside-out” concerns that are important to me.

While selfies have been a *huge* distraction, I realized that they helped me further to find my true voice.  I also realized that selfies of my outfits on the reg just aren’t going to be a part of my brand!  (Ha, just reminded that the brand of “Uniquely Savvy” is to embrace/celebrate the unique differences in others vs. conform to something that feels inauthentic.  That begins by doing it with myself….)


What does all this mean?  I’m giving myself permission to lay down the selfie baton for the most part so I can focus my energy on other things.  In doing so, here are some final pics I took over the months …Seem overwhelming?!  It was to me too… I didn’t even find time to post most of these!

…..That said, my style is:  effortless, every day girl……modern classic with a feminine twist.  I love dresses in the summer/layers in the fall and I like to spend less than an hour getting ready -shower to desk or door.  ….With each new season’s trends, I will look at what first flatters my shape and color, then decide if it reflects my personal statement of style and brand and buy accordingly.  “What I’m wearing” is pretty simple and somewhat eclectic from sporty, to edgy, to feminine and sometimes a bit glam!  At the end of the day I always dress for my task which often means I’m sacrificing a “trend” – it’s not practical to shop in a ton of layers with scarves and high heels…or go to a new professional client in skinny jeans and boots!  …..I wear what I love, am not loyal to any particular brands, and try not to let others’ personal style dictate mine:-).


I hope this offers a sense of my personal style 🙂 and how I make clothing choices seasonally and daily.  I do understand the value of selfies in my industry – I guess it’s just not my jam!




My personal brand in part, is about becoming more of who I was created to be by stepping more into my purpose and inviting others to do the same stylistically, relationally, and beyond.  For me, I believe that involves “giving rising voice to the voiceless” on issues that are important to me -to include aspects of the beauty industry, and so much more.  To that point I  will likely “practice” and build the skill of using my voice via (imperfect) videos vs. taking pictures of my outfits.


Shopped Closet



Thanks to all you blazing trail women (and men) who have asked for what you need and who have challenged me.  In accepting your challenges, I learn more about what’s true and authentic for me….and eventually, I find my voice!


So long selfies, XO


P.S.  I LOVE fabulous hair…..Thx to all you hair stylists (Carol, Lauren, Mallory) who help me feel beautiful and manage this crazy head of locks! – All credit goes to you!


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