“Integration” + Family Update

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Integration of mind, body, soul.  Integration of social friends, work friends, faith friends -and family.   Integration of private and public life.

……Integration is something I began committing to several years ago, likely 2001-ish.  You see I used to be ultra-private & vaulted myself in with lots of secrets, shame, etc….God only knows there is enough “story” to want to keep segregated, but in doing so I was never going to be #free, but remain a prisoner unto myself.

The back story:  There’s always a catalyst that sparks the work that has always needed to be done, right?   In my late 20’s I was healing through a painful domestic violence marriage/divorce, a division of friends, a wounded spirit – all while trying to run a consulting business.  I realized that “compartmentalization”, one of my biggest protective mechanisms growing up was no longer going to serve me.  Moreover, deep was calling to deep and it was MY *time* to answer the question, “Who Am I…really?”  In that space, as it is now, I became committed to finding and expressing my more authentic and integrated self – not always easy – but over the years I’ve learned to be vulnerable with myself and give time for self-care and reflection – allowing for a more natural ease in this process vs. the “High D” approach of my Type A personality.

To that point, it was beautiful to be able to (fully) share with the world…my INCREDIBLE JOY…. without self-protecting…. about such an intimate matter as expanding our family to include my nephew, D!  We had SO much laughter, fun, teachings and learnings, love…..A-MAZING GRACE for our ginormous learning curve  and more :-)!!!!  I wouldn’t trade it for ANYTHING, yet D went back to Cali a few weeks back.

…Because I desire to stay “integrated” I’m now finally ready to share our family update.  Not for a bunch of inquiry (our stories are our own to tell), or attention, but to remain connected to true self and those who care to know.


Important to me in life, is to stay present and aware and with a sense of appropriateness, be real and raw in who I am…..for a few reasons.

Don’t we know how easy it is to look at another’s life and think they have it all together?  Sunshine and roses? …I never want to portray that.This has been a most grievous and difficult time for me.  I took a 2 day solo retreat to grieve, pray, release and RESET as my husband and I transition back into another “new normal”, yet I am reminded that grief is a process that can’t be rushed. Another reason:  I know all too well that if I don’t stay committed to integration, the door for lies (big or small), deceit, shame or even an inflated sense of accomplishment (if that’s the right word, ?) can take root.



Kim & DOrchestra Concert @ the School

So grateful to have experienced tremendous (continuing) growth and healing through this “integration” process and want to continue to live it out loud for myself…and for just the 1 other person who might glean something worthwhile for their own journey.

Smiling as I just connect with this thought:  Our family journey with D has encompassed every bit of who I am in faith, friendship, fashion (“Mommy On The Go!), values & vision, vulnerability, courage, love….gratitude, fear, freedom, self-care and now RESET.  We said “YES” to the invitation to champion the gift of D, who came more fully into our lives…. and no doubt we were being championed from the inside-out.  Each of us, including you – have a story.

It’s not over and I’m finding rest in being present and in being still…..with palms wide open.

With much love and gratitude, thanks for your support and sharing in our update!  XOXO
#NoShortcuts  #BlessedIntheTrial  #LoveTranscendsGeography


from the “Inside-Out”, Kim

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