Exhausted Just BEing YOU? I was…

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(Thoughts from the Road)


Have you ever felt exhausted by…just BEing w yourself?

It was exhausting being me and present to all the layers of emotion and different experiences today (12.27.15).

From arriving to the airport this morn at 5ish AM w Kel, to the excitement of spontaneously deciding to stay behind (solo) to do some shoppin’ for a few hours, to flirting w Kel via text as I waited for him to pass through the security line, to waiting until dawn to safely navigate my way by cab back to DT San Diego ( I was sort of scared so early in the morning ), to buying breakfast and a cup of coffee for “Ted”, a homeless man (pictured here) who I listened to at length -about 45 minutes – while waiting for the mall to open, to being brought to tears when Ted abruptly stopped talking & started crying, then eventually got up and walked out of the restaurant.  

At one point he said, “Thanks Kim for talking w me. You make me feel like I am somebody.”

(Learnings and the rest of our story and the impact it had on both of us = this week’s blog post I think.)

…To the rush of FABULOUS “fabulous finds” at Horton Plaza, to new understandings during a quick devotional prior to catching a cab back to the airport, to once again thinking of family…the day was a roller coaster of emotions – and I’m pretty sure that was an understatement.


…I am again reminded of the (not-always-easy) cost of being present, yet I’m thankful for the opportunity to BE so after living under a thick cloud of fog until my mid 30s. Being present is a part of living my vision of success, ‪#‎grateful‬.

Finally home from Cali…Thx for listening/reading, helpful for me to process.  Going to sleep well tonight…XO

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