Elevate your Personal and Visual Brands & Increase Your Bottom Line

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…Back from a speaking engagement with Real Estate Professionals at Woodinville Windermere.

How can you elevate your Personal and Visual Brands & increase your bottom line? One way is by aligning & translating the best of your professional skills, talents, abilities, and personality attributes into the way you look. Your appearance is a key aspect of your nonverbal communication and can help you win the business, thus increasing your bottom line.

*Current vs. outdated? Do you suggest to clients and prospects that you are current with the market trends, but you have an outdated “classic” look about you?

*Detail oriented? Do your visuals demonstrate your attention to detail? What about the condition of your shoes or the level of your wardrobe maintenance?

*Approachable? Would you wear a suit to a re-location meeting at say, Microsoft, where they insist on being casual? If you did and you stated that you were happy to be there, liked their casual vibe, but you stood there in a standoffish stance with wrinkled nose – do you think your nonverbal clues (including your wardrobe) told everybody that you are approachable or, “I’m ready to help you locate your new home?”

No matter your profession or when you dress in the morning or for an event, look in the mirror and always ask yourself:

*”Who’s my audience?”

*”What do I want to communicate?”

*”Does the language of my look accurately communicate the right message?”

If not, what might you add, change, modify, or create to have your look be in alignment with your words?

Tip: One of the most affordable ways to update your look to tell a more accurate story is to update your hair style or your eye-wear.

For more information on dressing your personal brand from the inside-out, visit www.uniquelysavvy.com.

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