Do You Change Up Your Style & Level of Dress Based on Your Audience?

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photo (143)bFUN FACT:  For fall, I re-purposed the earrings I wore in my wedding
and one of my fave shirts from summer, the orange tunic!


Soooo….I’ve been working with a repeat client quite often for the last couple of months and several times, comments have been made about the variety of looks I pull off with my clothes and my hair.

It was said, “I really appreciate how you change things up so I can get a sense of how you change your style of dress depending on occasion…I’m learning from you in that way.”

I found it intriguing that this was mentioned, but this client was right on the money and I do have somewhat of a dress code!  I definitely dress more formally for a first time client (and networking).  It’s important for me to do what I coach my clients to do:  Pay attention to who your clients are, as well as their personal style personality, and lifestyle.  Before I head to a new client, I’m mindful of the clues I discover in their profile and then dress accordingly. ….I’ll try to recap a few of the wardrobe choices to bring this all together.

For appointment number 1, I presented more formally in a dress that spoke the main language of said clients personal style.  Oh yes, it was an understated gray and black cheetah print sheath dress and statement necklace paired back to wine patent leather heels and matching belt.

The second appointment was more trendy and casual as we were at the mall shopping and I needed to have practical and flat shoes for “runnin’ sizes”, etc.  I wore distressed denim, a fun top, hair up (low maintenance/less distracting), trend jewelry and gladiator sandals.

Subsequent appointments included a “casual” and stylish dress, boots skinny jeans and a sleeveless top plus vest for taking wardrobe photos and closet work.

To wrap up this blog on changing the style and level of dress for your audience –  it was mentioned yet again!  …The last time I was in wide leg trousers, a sleeveless top that read “London, New York, Paris” topped with a refined leather jacket with a sophisticated tatoo-esque  sort of detail to it. ……

The point?  With that expressed level of appreciation (which inspired more confidence in my client in terms of my my ability to create for him), I’ve “renewed” my intention (ha!) to try and show more of my “lifestyle” looks.  Finding that selfies are hard to take, but look for them as imperfectly as they are on FB.

Though I have a penchant for a more dressy and formal style, whether dressy or casual, I appreciate a look that is effortless and and not too done up.  It’s true, too many layers or too much make-up, or too posed have me feeling that I’m trying too hard.  I don’t want to try that hard.  ….In the end, I just want to present my most authentic inside-out version of myself and champion others to do the same!


10519699_10152251139785003_5847097605701637323_o“I DO!!!” ~ July 4th, 2013


….That said, what’s your favorite go-to look for fall?  Is it as authentic and effortless as you want it to be?…….Mine?  A variety of boots (so love boots!), skinny jeans, leggings, blazers, cozy sweaters, and scarves!


from the “Inside-Out”, Kim

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