Deja Vu: Uniquely Savvy Arrives to Client Home to Find We Did the Interior Design!

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WAIT, WHAT?  Uniquely Savvy does Interiors????  Such a fun story, had to share!!!!

So I drove up to my new client’s place the other day and was like, “Uh…..this house is very familiar.  Think this is the house where I did interior design for a builder!”  When the door opened, this award winning yet very approachable CEO was super friendly saying, “I feel like we know each other already since we’ve talked so much on the phone!”…..That’s when I said, “Oh my gosh, I feel the same…..AND…..I think I designed this entry…and…much of the interiors of your home – kitchen, bathrooms, mud room!”




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…..Long story short, she was so gracious to show me around and YES!!!, this was the house I did for a builder back in ’06-ish. Never did get to see the finished product, so this was such an incredible treat!!!….The builder informed me of the feel of the home, showed me the color of hardwoods, cabinets, and kitchen island base (ebony) that were already selected.  And he had me create the vision for all the rest – no, I’d never done this before yet had been operating Uniquely Savvy for about 6 years…..That said, I loved picking out the stunning and understated travertine, granite counter tops, slate and all the materials necessary to create this uniquely  textured, yet sophisticated and understated style for this home.  Cautiously, I presented my design and he went with it!  Needless to say, while I was hired for a series of homes, he decided to duplicate my work in the others, so that was it for me J.


What hidden talents do YOU have?!



Here are a few of the pics she let me take….The helpful piece?  ….She *loved* the design work for all these years, so it was like instant trust and ease with what we were going to be doing in terms of refining her brand, creating outfits to reflect our co-created vision, and implementing her aligned Executive Presence.

Stylistically????  Oh yes, we finally got to it and  8 hours later (whew)…. with her personal brand & style identity being:  “The Driven, Yet Approachable & Vibrant, Authentic & Aligned, Effortlessly Stylish Thought Leader“ she had an audited and organized closet, shopping list, and a plan for what’s next.  This woman contributes so many gifts to the business world and is trail blazin’ and teaching many across the nation.  Exciting to support and celebrate her on her journey….Kalisa, thank you for your confidence in me to serve your referral!


Happy Sassy Saturday, XO


Championing YOU, Your Style, Brand & Confidence from the “Inside-Out”, Kim

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