Cathy Inspires From The Inside-Out…You’ll Want to Check Her Out!

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I always appreciate it when people share about their style progress & success -whether we’ve worked together or not.  When I do have the privilege of collaborating with someone on their personal style & branding, one of my goals is to not only wardrobe them such that they look and feel a-mazing, but also give them sustainable style tools, tips, and tricks for their inside-out style journey.

A huge TREAT (pic above) landed in my inbox from a past client turned lovely friend – Cathy.

“Thought you’d be proud I put this outfit together :)”

I was beyond proud, I was tickled to death and just had to find out more!


Here’s how it went down:



Kim:  WOW, WOW, WOW!  Super stunning, what’s the story?


Cathy:  Did a get-in-shape program in June at the gym. End of the program they do a photo shoot for you – hair, makeup, you bring your own outfit. So I pulled that together -without trying on first :(……….. and it worked!


Kim:  Kiddin’ me?!!!  Not trying it on at first????……How did you have the confidence to make that move?  Really wanna know!


Cathy:  It was a combo of picking it out late at night and thinking. “What would Kim tell me to do?!”  😉



So there ya have it.  From the inside-out, Cathy started with a choice to get in shape.  Everyday she chose to stay committed to the goal.  She chose to surround herself with positive people who could help her; she enlisted the help of a fitness coach.   Her series of small, consistent choices paid off and then…….she got to look like a cover girl for her photo shoot (oh, I guess that was another choice point).

Who do you know who has exercised his/her commitment & confidence muscles to the point of making a choices like that, executing well, and gettin’ a result to be proud of?  (The photos create a lasting memory & will celebrate her inside-out efforts forever!  Congrats Cathy, seriously…..well done.)


Cathy’s Uniquely Savvy History:  Worked with Cathy a couple of times over the last several years….Set a solid foundation by coaching her up in finding & expressing her personal style, dressing w/the right proportions for her unique frame, and putting outfits together………CLEARLY, I’ve gotten the pink slip?!  Cathy got after what she wanted &  continues to….stylishly soar!


THANKS Cathy, for INSPIRING all of our readers, and for taking a minute to send me that pic.  You made my day!

P.S.  I thought to myself, “Sheeseh, I wanna look like that when I’m a working mom and a wife.”  Then I paused to remember, that’s my choice too.  From my recent blog, Who’s Taking Purposeful Action Today, I thought, “Who do I wanna be?”  -Who do you wanna be?


From The “Inside-Out”, Kim

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