Your Thoughts Change Your Brain Structure

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So true!

We must remember…We’ve got to champion the truth and challenge the limiting beliefs we have around our identity and our self-concept.

Rounding the corner in January, the focus is still MINDSET…it matters and lays the foundation for all of our choices and behavior as it relates to our personal brands!

Did you know?

Our thoughts can change the structure and function of our brains. When coaching clients around retraining the brain to create new neuro pathways it includes…pausing when the negative thought arises, then repetitively REPLACING it with thoughts of TRUTH such as what is shown in the meme above!


As we challenge the limiting beliefs and champion the truth of who we are, we will become healthier -having a positive view of self- and free…Aha!!! Just like that butterfly…I *just now* looked up and saw!

For Reflection:

When do you find you’re “remembering” that you are beautiful, worthy, important, special, unique, wonderful, talented or irreplaceable?   It is when some outside influence or person is telling you as such?

When do you find you are replaying the negative self-talk tapes?

Remember that your value, your worth, and your beauty is found in the essence of you and does not require outside confirmation…though who doesn’t like a few jazzy compliments now again?

This weekend, take note of when you experience the two and when the negative thoughts creep in, remember to STOP – PAUSE – and Replace!

(Thank you Susan Shoults for inspiring this Fashion Friday blog post!)


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