One Style Coach, A Variety of Looks- Here are Two!

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Typical fall look for me…..

Might wear this for a client appointment if the individual has a very casual sense of personal style and wants to take their look up a notch by looking “put together” but not fussy.  She or he appreciates moderate trend detailing and has an “on-the-go” lifestyle. ….Definitely would wear this on the weekend!…I’m addicted to boots especially in the fall ;-).




photo (147a)


This look speaks to my feminine….

YAY!!!  Ruffles, folds and flounce are back and I love ’em!!!  When I wear this sort of detailing I feel elegant and feminine and approachable.  I loved the use of color in the warmth of this powdery coral top, paired back to the necklace and camel in my shoes.  The ivory sweater was just the right contrast with the (hard to see) medium wash denim skinnies.  And the the animal print stilettos?  They took a look that could otherwise speak too “soft” for me and put the right amount of edge to it!

Side Note:  Research indicates your attitude/mindset dictates your clothing choice, which equals your behavior.  …The day I wore this, I felt emotional safe (vs. vulnerable and guarded), I was to pre-shop for at the mall for a client, and then was going to a casual holiday open house.  It felt fabulous to step back into my feminine from the inside-out vs. playing it a bit safe in my black and leather which has been serving it’s purpose as well!

As I mentioned before, there are many diverse layers to my (imperfect) self and I use my eclectic sense of style (visual brand) as an authentic tool to communicate to the outside world about who I am and what I’m about (personal brand).   While aspects of my style may vary it always comes back to a classic base (tailored lines just support my curves best!).

How do you communicate the many layers of you?  YOU, you are #uniquely #savvy.  There is no one like you.  Allow yourself the gift of time to discover or reconnect with who you are…. Your style is unique expression of you, have fun with it!

Happy Fashion Friday, XO


from the “Inside-Out”, Kim

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