1st Runner Up on: Photo Shopped Images & the Objectification of Women

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1st Runner Up – Miss Teen Seattle 2014

“I would go back to the time in history when people 1st started photo shopping images of women and men began objectifying women (and speak up for change)….”  – 1st Runner Up – Teen Division, Miss Seattle 2014


The question was something like, “If you could go back to any period of time in history when would it be and why?”


This TOP 10 FINALIST, who caught my ear…and attention day one, didn’t skip a beat when she replied to this spontaneous question day two.  She clearly articulated a passionate message to convey the harm this does for young girls and women today.  We have to be thinner, small here, bigger there…..we have to look like what we see in magazines….we are all comparing ourselves to images that just aren’t real and the objectification by men doesn’t help.


….That’s a problem I’ve experienced – how about you?  For sure we’ll be talking about that more.


Just last night I heard a Pastor share on the radio that he overheard his daughter and friends (9 and 10 years old) at her slumber party going around the circle saying how many pounds they each needed to lose.  Astounding.


The messages we need impart to young girls is:  We are uniquely and wonderfully made – individually- with a fabulously different design for our bodies.  The color of our skin, shape of our noses, size of our hips and breasts were designed *on purpose* and don’t warrant comparison.  Our girls are believing the lie………We have got to #challengthelie and #championthetruth.


We need the wisdom that speaks to self-worth, value and celebration of who we are….our true identity.  Yes, I will say our identity is not found on the pages of People, InStyle, or on the big screen…. or in what a man (or a woman) may say about us –or in comparing ourselves to others on social media.  ……..It’s *past time* to dramatically shift the message.


Do you know the impact photo shopped images, images of women who continue “improving” themselves via plastic surgery, and pop culture’s general attitude on beauty has on our impressionable young girls (and boys)? ….Have you considered that the comments boys make about a girl’s body or looks have weighty consequences that if unresolved follow girls into adulthood.  The implications emotionally, spiritually, mentally, and physically are real and (can be) severe….Severe not only for the girls who receive them, but the boys who have been trained up with an attitude/mindset that that’s okay.


Proud of her courage to speak boldly on behalf of all of us women and girls, Happy Fashion Friday!

#Insideoutbeauty #Feartofreedom  #Anotherchampion


from the “Inside-Out”, Kim

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